Rivian R1T pre-order holders, check in here

Discussion in 'R1T' started by Domenick, Nov 30, 2018.

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  1. Have you made a pre-order to get in line for the Rivian R1T electric pickup?

    Let us know here. We want to see how the excitement from the launch of this product is translating to real would-be buyers.

    Personally, I've already heard of two people who've put down the (refundable) $1,000 for a place in line. One is Alex from the Alex on Autos YouTube channel. (which is pretty exciting since he's quite knowledgeable about everything automotive).
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  3. Tid

    Tid New Member

    Does anybody know how Rivian is going to deliver the preorder confirmation numbers? When I preordered, the website didn't give me a number, so I though I would receive an email with it. Five days later I haven't received any email from Rivian. I wonder if something went wrong with my preorder, or if this is the experience everybody else is having and I just have to wait longer for something to happen.

    I know there is supposed to be a confirmation number because the preorder terms say you need to provide it in case you want to cancel.
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  4. VJS695

    VJS695 New Member

    Hello new member here, was thinking of placing down payment but originally was going to wait for reveal of model Y. I feel tesla right now is at the top of EVs I really like the large vehicles Rivian is to new right now not enough info out there yet. Test drove model 3 which i liked everything about it, only thing i felt it was a little to small for me, I drove tractor trailers for a living so that may be the reason I prefer larger vehicles. Anyway, I will wait for more info and to see if if orders take off, any comments or thoughts for this will be appreciated. Thank You. Also glad to be part of this forum.
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  5. Congrats on your order. I'll see if I can find out any more info for you through our PR contact there. I imagine they're pretty busy at the moment with the L.A. Auto Show, show I might only hear back Monday.
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  6. Thanks for joining the Forum!

    The Model Y should offer a bit more room and, since it's a crossover, it may be easier to get in and out of. It's going to be built on the same platform as the Model 3, so it may also be a bit small for you. The Rivian R1T isn't quite full size, but is bigger than the mid-size pickups out there now like Tacoma and Colorado, so it should be a better fit. Of course, the Model S and Model X are larger vehicles and should offer you enough space.

    It's a big purchase, so I would definitely take everything I could for a test drive.
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  8. VJS695

    VJS695 New Member

    Thanks for your reply, I was thinking more towards the R1S, sorry I didn’t specify that, now that I am retired i really don’t put much miles on my cars.But you are right about being a big purchase, so i will take my time and definitely do my homework on the 2 vehicles mentioned thanks for your input Dom
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  9. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member

    I'm going to need a little more technical information about the trucks systems before I even consider a preorder. Specs like battery cycle life, cost of replacement batteries when it's cycle life is over, warranty, warranty support shop locations. A complete shop repair manual for out of warranty problems etc...

    Being a life long automotive technician primarily Ford, these are the things I would need to know and really everyone buying should consider as well. How user friendly will they be when repairs are needed, suspension looks like any other air ride already on the road so basic items like that are a no brainer but what about brake systems, regenerative? Antilock is a given.

    Climate control, I have remote start on my truck for those hot summer evenings when leaving work and cold winter mornings heading out, these items would also have to be addressed and as petty as it sounds, if you've ever got in a vehicle without and with pre climate controlled interiors know what I'm talking about and so on.

    Many questions and few answers thus far.
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  10. VJS695

    VJS695 New Member

    I fully agree with you, many things here to look into, also I would like to see in coming weeks how the preorders are doing.
  11. I was told by Rivian that you can simply email them from the order page and they will cancel the order.
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  13. Michael--

    Michael-- New Member

    @Tid, I received an email confirmation the same day I preorder a R1T. You probably already did but check your Spam folder. There is no confirmation number though. It is just an email confirming the preorder.
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  14. Tid

    Tid New Member

    Interesting. I have received Rivian emails before I preordered. In fact I preordered because I received an email last week letting me know it was possible to preorder. But I am sure I have not received a confirmation email. I am also sure I entered the correct email address in the preorder page because I printed that page for my records.

    I asked about the confirmation number mostly because the preorder terms says it is needed in case one wants to cancel. Since that is the official contract for a preorder transaction, I tend to take it seriously.

    On the other hand, I know they already charged my credit card, so that is some sort of confirmation at least. I guess what I need to do is try to find out if they have the correct email address linked to my preorder.
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  15. Poorpilot

    Poorpilot Member

    Placed an order for both the R1T and R1S a few days ago. I bought my wife a Model X earlier this year and have been very pleased with it for her, but based on the cryptic pictures and messages about the Tesla pickup, I’m not sure it will 1: fit anywhere close to my garage for home charging, safety and overall element protection, and 2: not fill my needs for an occasional boat, kids and pet hauler as well as a daily driver for a replacement vehicle for myself. Thus, the deposit was made. Let’s hope it works out well and Rivian takes off!
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  16. Rivian

    Rivian New Member

    Hi @Tid. Thank you for your order and sorry for the confusion. To keep things simple, we’ve revised our preorder terms and conditions. To cancel a preorder, simply email [email protected] from the same address you used to make the preorder
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  17. Poorpilot

    Poorpilot Member

    I’m no expert and in no way associated with Rivian, but I’ll share some info that I’ve learned online via social media as well as my experience with Tesla (and yes, I know they’re not the same).

    Tesla told me to expect my Model X battery to last 20 years or 1,000,000 miles. Rivian reps have said they are essentially using the same battery but integrating it into their own vehicles via in-house technology. I would assume you could expect the same shelf-life for the Rivian vehicles. Tesla hasn’t publicly discussed a replacement battery and I’m guessing Rivian will follow suit based on the long shelf-life - or at least they won’t address it for a few years. You can’t really compare ICE vehicle maintenance to EV maintenance on a 1 for 1 basis. The only thing I can really get to in my Model X is the windshield wiper fluid. Tesla takes care of everything else.

    Rivian reps have stated they have/will invest millions on service centers as well as a mobile service center much like the Tesla Ranger service. I can attest that the Tesla Ranger service is top-notch!

    My Tesla has regenerative braking via the accelerator pedal, which from what I've been told, is different from most EV vehicles. I hardly use my brake pedal when driving and it almost becomes a game to see if I can make it somewhere with no brake pedal input at all. I’m guessing Rivian will have something similar, but I haven’t heard anything about this.

    Remote climate control via the Tesla app is great. I can lock, unlock, “summon”, heat, cool plus other features all via my phone. The vehicle also “learns” our schedule and will preheat/cool the vehicle based on how we drive. The Rivian reps have stated that their system will also “learn” your driving habits. I take this as being able to heat/cool based on preference. I haven’t heard if they will offer an app for your phone, but will all the technology already in the vehicle, I would be surprised if they didn’t.

    It sounds like you’ve never driven or been around a pure electric vehicle. If you can find someone with a Tesla, ask questions and see what all the hype is about. My opinion is that Rivian has taken all the best things of the Tesla vehicles and improved on them, and either eliminated or tweaked the not so good ones.
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  18. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member

    All electric vehicles have always been a fascination of mine, closest I got to one was a Chevy Volt and found out it wasn't 100% EV. Oh and then golf carts LOL I know, no comparison.

    With that said I have very deep back ground in electric/electronic systems and finally integrating them into my 2nd passion automotive is exciting. I more or less figured with technology advancements and the rate they expand, items I mentioned would be covered but I need to see it in black and white. or at least a schematic. ;)

    Over the past 30+ years of my career in automotive technology it's been a long time coming. I even use a laptop on my current truck to program things that the manufacturer had locked out simply because to get the option required a higher trim level. So I have hacked my trucks on board electronics so to speak. No strange territory on that aspect.

    Cell phone access is also no stranger to me as it is how I lock unlock, start, stop and locate my truck, climate control is based on either last setting or auto which uses ambient temperature to determine heat or a/c.


    Still many questions only Rivian can answer before I commit as my next vehicle purchase will likely be my retirement vehicle. I do not like to speculate because that always tends to prove untrustworthy in the long run.

    Social media is the largest contributing factor to miss information since the National Enquirer so I will never trust in that. Hard core in print documents will sell me. All else is worth about the same amount as the lint in my pocket.
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  19. VJS695

    VJS695 New Member

    Sent Rivian a couple of e-mails concerning the R1S haven’t recieved any responses yet so I may hold back on preorder til i see them progress a little better.
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  20. roblbr

    roblbr New Member

    hello! New Holder here! Thanks for making the thread.
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  21. Thanks for signing up. It's a bit of a process, but we hope the effort will be well worth it.
  22. VJS695

    VJS695 New Member

    Is there a way of finding out how many preorders there are so far, I know its kind of early but it could tell us potential buyers if the vehicles are off to a good start. Thanks
  23. I'm hoping they will make the number public. If not, I'm sure the question will be posed to them before long. Certainly if I had a chance to talk to them, this would be a question I'd bring up.

    I don't think it will be anything like the crazy numbers we saw for the Model 3, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear at least 1,000. I've no idea whether I'm being optimistic or pessimistic, though.
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