Rivian R1T 70 MPH Range Test

Discussion in 'R1T' started by Domenick, Jul 6, 2022.

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  1. The Rivian R1T has an EPA range of 314 miles. But how does that translate in the real world? Well, it would be different each time it's driven, depending on speeds, weather, terrain, and tire size and type.

    InsideEVs conducts 70 MPH highway range tests because that's about the speed many will travel when they're on trips where range is an important consideration. Here is the written article and there is a complete video below. This test was conducted on 20" All-Terrain wheels, which give a 40-mile range penalty to the EPA estimate.

    We may run this test again with different tires at some point and we'll add it here when we do.

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