rivian public event tomorrow

Discussion in 'Rivian' started by Tom SD, Jan 9, 2019.

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  1. Tom SD

    Tom SD New Member

    For those in detroit

    mentioned on their facebook

    Climb with legend Alex Honnold and meet the world’s first Electric Adventure Vehicle.
    About this Event
    Join legendary free soloist Alex Honnold and Rivian for an evening of climbing, casual conversation and a look at the all-electric R1T truck.

    6pm - 8pm
    Thursday, January 10th

    Planet Rock Climbing Gym
    1103 W 13 Mile Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071

    • This event is open to the public with free admittance. A day pass, starter package or membership is required for climbing at Planet Rock and can be purchased on-site.
    • Those who would like to climb with Alex must fill out this waiver prior the event and create an account.
    • Space is limited, please register if you plan on attending.
    • Attendees will have the chance to win Alex's signature Black Diamond climbing gear.
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  3. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member

    I don't want to climb rocks, I don't give a crap about anyone that does. I think I may be a little forward but damn!!! This is effing ridiculous. We want information on the product not who's friends are doing what.

    This is suppose to be a forum about an electric truck right? Or did my friend lie to me about what was in that drink back in the 70's? He did mention something about mushrooms but I forget. :rolleyes:

    Reminds me of the evening news, "Nothing new to report" Make it up as you go. o_O
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  4. Tom SD

    Tom SD New Member

    "and a look at the all-electric R1T truck."

    The truck will be there, that's why I shared it.

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  5. VJS695

    VJS695 New Member

    You are so right on this, make me believe that this vehicle will never get here seems to a dream
  6. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member

    I've seen it. I don't need to climb a rock and rub elbows with people that I do not share any interest at all with.

    Leaning more towards vaporware every new post it seems. Or should I also attend his wife's Tupperware party because it's parked in her driveway? :rolleyes:
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  8. Tom SD

    Tom SD New Member

    figure if somebody lives in detroit and didnt got to LA show they may want to go see it for themselves.

    i figure it is not an accident they are in detroit with the detroit auto show next week. maybe we'll get an update then.
  9. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member

    How bout you go and tell them to pop in here and give us the information that I KNOW for a fact I'm not alone in wanting and maybe I'll introduce my wife to the rock climbers wife and they can swap soap opera stories while we talk shop? It would be a step in the right direction if they seek a way into my wallet that much is certain.
  10. Thanks for posting. Looks like a great chance to see the truck in person.

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