Rivian at the X-Games

Discussion in 'Rivian' started by Poorpilot, Jan 22, 2019.

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  1. Poorpilot

    Poorpilot Member

    For anyone that is going, please ask questions and take pictures!
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  3. You have any details about this? Where, when, etc?
  4. Poorpilot

    Poorpilot Member

    From their Twitter account:
    #Aspen, we’ll see you soon! If you’re heading to the Winter #XGames, we’ll be nearby at Gondola Plaza. Stop by to check out the world’s first Electric Adventure Vehicles — the #R1T and #R1S — and let’s talk #ElectricAdventure over hot cocoa. Learn more: bit.ly/2sB7iPA
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  5. Thanks! Not sure how I missed that.
  6. InsideEVs published a post about the Winter X Games appearance. Hopefully, it will help direct some people here.

    Anyway, here's a pic Rivian tweeted out from its location at the base of Gondola Plaza ( Gondola Plaza at 601 East Dean Street).

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  8. It looks like Rivian also brought the R1S to the Winter X games. And, we finally have a bit of video of it rolling under its own power. :)

    You have to go to Twitter to view it, however. RJ Scaringe also has some still photos in his timeline you can check out. I cropped one a bit and included here, though it's not especially revealing. I just like the effect.
  9. Another pic, this one demonstrating that the R1S concept build is a roller. :) We have a post showing it driving under its own power >here<.

  10. Tom SD

    Tom SD New Member

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