Rivian Aftermarket Accessories

Discussion in 'Rivian' started by Jeda Products, Aug 20, 2021.

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  1. Jeda Products

    Jeda Products New Member

    Hey all!

    We're Jeda products. We currently make and design high-quality accessories for Tesla's. We love Rivian as well, and have been looking at some cool product's we can make for the community in years to come. Much of our current line-up is tech focused.

    If you have any aftermarket accessories you see a need for or may be interested in, let us know. We work strongly based off of user recommendations.

    Thanks and be well

    The Jeda Tram
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  3. MarcyB

    MarcyB New Member

    Hello there!
    We will be using our R1T to tow our travel trailer.
    A couple things come to mind:
    - Side mirror extenders (to see around the edges of the trailer)
    - Possibly a bed cap (which would help with wind resistance when towing, but probably make it worse when not towing)

    Thanks for the question!
  4. EyeOnEVs

    EyeOnEVs New Member

    Here are some off the cuff ideas though not really "tech focused" but in case you (or some other company reading this) feel industrious:

    * Sleeping pad/mattress specifically fitted for R1S cargo area (when 2nd row seats folded down). Two sizes:
    - Full size for entire cargo area (e.g. 2 person);
    - Half size that takes up only half the cargo area (e.g. one person) allowing other half for storage and even leaving one of the 2nd row seats up.
    If inflatable, provide air compressor as optional since Adventure (and LE) comes with on-board air compressor, however I believe Explore package does not.
    * Window shades for privacy
    * Removable sun screen and/or shade for panoramic roof.
    * Full size spare tire for R1S along with a lift kit option and tie down system to secure tire, say, in the frunk or rear cargo area. (Rivian is offering I believe a space saver spare tire as an option)
  5. Jeda Products

    Jeda Products New Member

    Thanks for your replies! While we specialize in tech products, we are focus on design first and foremost - so we're not limited to solely tech-based products.

    These are some great suggestions! Please feel free to include any more in this thread for us to review.
  6. Jeda Products

    Jeda Products New Member

    Awesome! A few follow up questions:

    Out of the ones above,
    1. which is what you'll be focusing on getting first?
    2. Do you prefer a mattress for inside your R1S, vs a rooftop tent?
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  8. Jeda Products

    Jeda Products New Member

    Thanks Marcy. Have you started looking into these yet? Great ideas!
  9. EyeOnEVs

    EyeOnEVs New Member

    You're welcome.
    1. Half/single size mattress / sleeping pad for R1S
    2. I would think "R1S cargo area" would clearly imply inside the R1S rather then up on the roof. ;)

    A few questions for you.
    A. How long has Jeda Products been in business?
    B. Is the Los Angles location a store front where customers can come in to see and purchase your products?
    C. Do you have any other US locations, and if so where?
    D. What type of Rivian accessories are on your radar for making and selling?
  10. Jeda Products

    Jeda Products New Member

    Thanks for the response!

    We have been in business since 2018, and have focused solely on Tesla's. We don't have a store front available, but we ship all products from California (Los Angeles area.)

    No products on the radar just yet! We're brainstorming at the moment.
  11. Mike Rolschau

    Mike Rolschau New Member

    I would like a full size spare. I have currently ordered the 7 passenger seating, but would get the 5 passenger seating if there was a price break. In my last 3 SUVs I have never used the 3rd row seat. I would gladly get the 5 passenger model if they would put a full sized spare under the deck.
    I think the mattress would be nice, but somehow it can't take much room because you still have to have room for stuff. Half width inflatable might work if you are by yourself.
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