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Discussion in 'LYRIQ' started by 101101, Aug 12, 2020.

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    In video the vehicle presents well but it will be important to be careful about the presentation because in static pictures it looks more like the GM "Relic" than a bit of musical verse. There are certain marketing and concept flaws GM needs to be aware of. "IQ" is a nasty elitist concept GM should stay away from.

    The company did a good job of not appearing elitist in the presentation but it chose a Microsoft Xbox style of reality show TV presentation. Don't do this to your executives and your technical people. They shouldn't be under that kind of pressure and if the people are feeling pressured so they don't look well as was the case why do that? There was a bit of frump and unnecessary tennis shoes showing too.

    Also it seems that GM has gotten a lot of mileage out of being to an obvious extent a woman lead and woman managed diverse company but given GM's history it has a mountain to atone for and putting a female and diverse face on some of the time will not even remotely cover it. For instance there is this constant notion that GM has to tap its roots. It keeps trying to call forth a history that people either don't remember or don't relate to and its failing to realize its glory days were from selling vehicles that our raw ignorance kept us from realizing were going to be killing us. It has to keep from looking like a geriatric GM living its worst nightmare as it goes to the grave. GM still thinks its brand has goodwill- it doesn't and that should be zeroed out on the financial statements, it is actually hugely negative good will or ill will- its VW Diesel Gate level ill good will prior to VW trying to make amends. Guess that's pay back for lead in the gas, resisting seat belts and delaying the entry of electric cars with endless compliance units and killing the EV1 and being on the wrong side of CARB and thinking after it had to write off a portion of its bailout it could do 25 billion in stock buybacks and more than that in worthless ads and then demand Tesla buy the factory and the jobs of the working families to choose to sluff off. And remember it blamed its union for its bankruptcy, even as Germany paid a lot more and provide much better benefits and was much more profitable during the period of its bankruptcy and right now Shanghi workers make more than Big 3 workers in the US. That is the level of "entitlement and complacency" that is always in the background with GM!

    Styling. Cybertruck is the only vehicle that has ever pulled off the bump above the front passenger's head followed by a slope. Everything else like the Infinity QXs just look so wrong with that like people in the back seat will be forced into fetal position. The weakest styling point is the straight on back view. Its too squat, it looks like an early Honda California Redemption Value CRV the one with that broom stick think solid axle showing from behind- that's cut rate not luxury. And GM couldn't go grilless which communicates that despite the claimed 0,0,0 vision GM still isn't confident in EVs- GM doesn't even believe in the tech witness Bara's stupid backwards comment saying ICE will still be thriving in the 2040s- just like it can't launch this in the US, its starting with China and it is way, way late with much lower end specs on charging and range even in late 2022- when it promised 400 miles its doing just about 300 because Elon called that the floor, have to think if Musk hadn't set a floor for them they would have an even lower number because they targeted Audi and VW and MB- they didn't think they'd be competing with Tesla. 150kwh charging won't cut it especially not that far out for launch. Also, super long hood but no frunk because while GM invented the skateboard concept it claims ground up EV for this but can't deliver on an actual skateboard which falls under the category of don't lie to the public. Its clearly got the same Chevy Lug Nut tech under the hood which is still more like a hybrid of all parts bin parts supplier parts meant to seem electric from the ground up. Also GM had to say its concept car (if there really is one notice the demo platform didn't have fleshed out mechanicals on display) and most of its features were actually coming to a production model- because Tesla shows essentially finished vehicles not concepts And over and over again it claimed it was introducing things that Tesla has had for a decade as if now that GM was introducing them they have finally been validated or were just entering the market now that GM finally approved. But introduced only for a vehicle that was 70k and up or was it under 70K and only in China and only a long while from now?

    Just like going with "Lord's Town" for its spin off name is trying to appeal to a moral majority vibe- that is just wrong and dishonest. The turn stalks are gaudy. The steering wheel has failure prone tiny chick-let keys peppering it and the design is ugly. Its trying to copy BMW's iDrive, doesn't GM know that was a total failure and like trying to weld a huge knob onto an ancient iPod? Inspired by Ford's version of the same with its knob display? Curved screens don't mean anything nor does blue velvet lined ash trays- evs don't need ash trays any more than they need gas tanks. The seats look good but will they provide enough support? Screens can't just be tacked onto the backs of seats. No GM HUD has ever worked out don't need it for self drivers. That huge green light on the top steering wheel is bad. The dash screen is not a infotainment screen anymore than it is a television screen. And no, people aren't dumb enough to want to sit their and be force fed ads or suffer the privacy invasion of ads in their car. They don't want the spyware malware, surveillance capitalism even though everyone except GM's low information stock holders knows that Cruz is just Waymo. Lyric just did cameras that are slim profile instead of eliminating them again not the direction we'd want to see EVs going that far out but it can't do anything that would suggest further efficiency gains for say a mirror-less Tesla even for a China launch where they if memory serves are no longer required?

    This whole production was a second attempt to preempt a Tesla's battery day and we know how the first attempt went. At least this time Bara stayed out of it. Mark Reuss I felt did a really good job at the end of summarizing the benefits of EV in performance. I don't buy the customizable bit that much but I really like how it conveyed that with EV tech they can do anything they want or in essence things they could only dream of with ICE, literally no compromise stuff almost effortlessly. That seemed to be genuine and seemed to comprise real enthusiasm which was very positive. Also those rims aren't good enough. The door handles are nice but rip off Tesla. I was surprised the the vehicle exterior back upper corners from the side view didn't bother me more. The front with all those stupid Toyota frumples needs to be reworked- get rid of those triangle faux side scoops- it doesn't have tail pipes it shouldn't have mouth breather cues. Also people who presented initially did a lot of out of breath mouth breathing. If its trendy don't do it GM can't pull that off, no one can.
    And don't do retro faux- do honest.
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