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Discussion in 'General' started by Thomas Sun, Feb 24, 2019.

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  1. Thomas Sun

    Thomas Sun New Member

    As a Leaf owner without home charging, driving the car is a disciplined adherence to careful planning. Every commute/errand/trip start with a question of if I should take my Leaf or uber/bus/walk/just not go. This pain has motivated me to build ampUp.

    Use ampUp to reserve your charging spot for your electric car. ampUp is launching out of YCombinator and it’s the Airbnb for EV charging.

    Apple App Store

    Google Play Store

    Reserving a charger in ampUp takes a few taps where you can locate, reserve, and navigate(now or later). We have a couple thousand reservable chargers born out of a supportive community of shared private and home chargers.

    As a host, you can share multiple chargers at adjustable schedules and prices. Credit card payments are enabled.

    Being able to reserve my charging spot really takes out the anxiety. We hope ampUp can help more EV drivers drive their car with a few taps rather than doing mental arithmetic and careful planning.

    Come join the community!
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