Discussion in 'General' started by Suzanne Roth, Mar 22, 2021.

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  1. Suzanne Roth

    Suzanne Roth Member

    Who feels the same? I just sent this to Hyundai (
    "I am requesting compensation for the inconvenience of multiple recalls/inspections/updates. This morning I brought in my 2019 Kona for its 3rd recall inspection/update. I have owned it for 17 months. For the first two recall inspections, I had to leave the vehicle for the entire day. Now I have to leave it for 48 hours for three different recall/updates. Complimentary Lyft rides are provided, but this is not adequate compensation for the inconvenience. I have had to cancel two appointments. 250 kilowatt-hours of complimentary charging is requested. Hyundai should extend this to all affected Kona owners. Furthermore, the value of the Kona EV is greatly affected. The end of lease purchase price should be reduced. (My brother purchased the 2019 Kia Nero. His vehicle has had no recalls or updates. No inconvenience. I wish I had purchased the Kia EV). I look forward to hearing from you."
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  3. GvilleGuy

    GvilleGuy Well-Known Member

    Never hurts to ask. I hope that Hyundai will come through for you. I am a 2014 Santa Fe owner, and when I have complained in the past about a few items, they dealt with me fairly.
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  4. Dream on. Recalls are becoming more and more common on new cars, esp 1st year of a new platform. My other car is a 2018 Crosstrek, 1st year on new platform, and it has probably had as many recalls as my Kona. But that doesn't take away from the end quality of a car, if all faults are corrected. I have never been unhappy with that car.

    I would rather have recalls than have to live with deficiencies, like we used to do in the old days, esp with the domestic manufacturers.
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  5. Suzanne Roth

    Suzanne Roth Member

  6. Suzanne Roth

    Suzanne Roth Member

    Thanks for your feedback. Recalls should not occur if things are done right at the start. I firmly believe all these recalls devalue the vehicle. Having a 2nd vehicle would lessen the inconvenience. As previously stated, the 2019 Kia Niro has had NO recalls.
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  8. Bear in mind that most of these recalls were just software updates to reduce the potential for battery fires, and to help Hyundai catch a potential defect which they could then examine to find the cause before the fire destroys the evidence.

    But I don't believe recalls devalue a vehicle if it fixes or improves the defect/function. Like I said, my Crosstrek had a lot of recalls, too, and it certainly did not devalue that car. In fact, it is near the top of resale values according to ALG, which is an organization that tracks used cars sales.
    For that matter, Subaru has always been good for resale value. I have owned 4 of them, and they just keep going, and going, and going... All past ones have gone to high mileage before I sold them, without any major problems, just regular maintenance. Two of them went over 300K kms, one to 360K kms, and still running good.

    I have high hopes for my Kona as well, as I have to expect that once the bugs/recalls are done, the drive train, incl brakes should last a long time. Certainly less wear items than an ICE car. And with the the coming battery replacement, that should further enhance value.
  9. I agree that it is inconvenient but I’m in agreement with R P, they are not decreasing the value of your vehicle, they are generally making it safer. While I wish you luck in getting some type of compensation I really can’t think of any reason why they should other than public relations. You are already one step ahead of me, my dealer didn’t offer a service car or Uber/Lyft credits.
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  10. I am surprised you guys are not getting loaner cars from your dealer. Whenever I had mine in, was always able to get one, as long as the appointment was a week or more in advance. Not an EV and had to put up with a big Sante Fe with a dealer courtesy decal on the side. But hey, couldn't complain about that.

    And same with my other car, Subaru, never had a problem getting a loaner if I wanted one. Maybe you guys need to shop around for a better dealer.
  11. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    My local Hyundai dealer has never offered a loaner car when asked.

    The best they will do is pickup the car and deliver it if under 10 miles or offer a courtesy ride if within range.

    250KW, less than 80 bucks, is dirt cheap compensation.
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  13. Is there lots of competition where you live? I have about 5 or 6 Hyundai dealers (same with Subaru) within a 45 min drive. But happily, my closest one has treated me very well, even though I did not buy the car there.

    When I buy a car, I shop all the dealers, and buy from whoever gives me the best deal. But for service, I go to the closest one, as long as they treat me well. Has always worked for me, for all brands.
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  14. I was surprised too. You’re right about shopping other dealers.
  15. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    I'm not driving 45 miles for service. Not even Tesla requires me to do that! That's freaking ridiculous!!!!
  16. Well, depends where you live... Where I live there is only one Tesla service center in the whole metro Vancouver area, and it is 45 min from where I live. They are finally building another near where I live, not that it matters to me. But contrast that with all the other brands having 5 or 6 dealers all within the same radius.

    And when I mention 45 min for Hyundai dealers, I am incl the farthest ones. I have about 3 actually within 20 min. My closest one, that I use, is 10 min. I don't consider that distance to be very far for service, for as often as I need it.

    The interesting thing is if ALL your Hyundai dealers in your area refuse to give out loaners. Is that the case? I just find that hard to believe.
  17. Scrannel

    Scrannel New Member

    Doesn't Hyundai do OTA updates? I've owned my Tesla for about two years and no issues but plenty of OTA updates.
  18. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    Nothing that affects the operation of the vehicle. Volkswagen may be the next automaker to do a major OTA this summer. We'll see if VW can accomplish it.'

    Note that some of the lack of OTA may be the result of dealer service agreements.

    I see the Volvo has beaten VW with their OTA.
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