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  1. I took my car to the dealership after my car was broken into. They had to replace the driver's side door lock because that's how the person got into the car. It wound up costing $585. Does that seem reasonable? I had to talk them down from $750. Also, now that I have my car back and it's been fixed, the security system seems a little different from how I remember it. Can anyone explain all the beeps that are normal when locking and unlocking the car. It seems there are so many beeps, some longer than others, and I have no idea what the difference is. Also, is there a way to look at the car from the outside when it's locked and see if there's some kind of indicator or security light that blinks to let someone know that the car's alarm is set? When my car was broken into, I don't think it triggered the car's alarm. The people at the dealership said that if the thief knew how to jimmy the door's lock without triggering the alarm, that could explain it. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    Here's what I found about the Security System Alarm from a few places in the Owners Manual. It appears the dealer is right, the thief defeated the security system by making it believe the car was being unlocked with a key in the driver's side door. The Security System Alarm indicator is to the left of the left turn signal arrow.

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    Why did they have to replace it? How did the person break in?

    As for the noises and ways to tell, when locking it does make one or two beeps I think and flashes the lights iirc. If you here a set of like 5 or 6 quick beeps that is the auto lock telling you it won't work. That can happen if you have a door open or trump open and move farther away from the front doors (like to the trunk).
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    How did you ever definitely determine that the thief defeated the security system and left the windows down, instead of accidentally holding down the unlock button while the keys were jiggling around in your pocket?

    This would automatically roll down the windows leaving the car wide open for the thief.
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    If this would have been the case, there was no reason to damage the door lock. Probably lock was punched in...
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