Renault Megane or wait for Smart #1?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jonathan Fisher, Jun 23, 2022.

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  1. Jonathan Fisher

    Jonathan Fisher New Member

    I'm UK based and about to put down a reservation for a new gen Renault Megane electric car at under £40k in the UK that actually represents good value for money I believe, and the size is good for London city life and big enough to take on a trip to my hometown 300 miles away.

    130kwh charging speed sounds good, the "approx" 280mile range is sufficient for me, with speedy top-ups. The 99mph top speed is bit underwhelming, but realistically doing a ton plus on public roads is a no-no in these dull safety oriented times, speed camera'd times.

    I like the wraparound screens on the dash, along with the Google software providing the Infotainment (like Polestar). (thats the biggest off-putter for a Tesla M3 for me, the horrid interior, that and the additional £10k it would cost, and also the fact is looks like a bar of soap that's been in the bathroom too long...)

    But then... how does the new Renault stack up against the upcoming Smart #1? Which appears to be pretty much the same handy size, although the Smart does without the Google infotainment, it does have slightly higher top speed and quicker charging. But also has a wacky "cap" as a roof... hmmm.....

    What's Renaults record of software updates? Could we look forward to improvements in the BMS or charging speed like Volkswagen and Polestar have (finally) provided?
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  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Neither of those EVs is coming to the US, so they must not be very good. Well, actually, they're not SUVs or pickup trucks, so that's why they're not coming to the US.

    But the MINI bucked the trend and brought the MINI Cooper SE to the US and I'm so glad they did--I absolutely love mine. Even though it would be a perfect urban warrior for London, its 114-mile range and a top speed of only 93 mph probably kept it off your list. Note that the Chinese-built SE coming next year will offer more range and a higher top speed.
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  4. Sounds like you really like the Renault. Was surprised to see the the Smart #1 is a bit larger.
    Personally, I'd be more tempted by the Smart (despite its roof), but I've seen neither in person yet.

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