Remote Climate Control

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Valente, Apr 23, 2018.

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  1. Valente

    Valente Active Member

    I can't figure out how to use this. It's hitting 100 degrees here in Palm Springs and would like to cool the car a bit when I'm out shopping. According to the manual I should press the lock button then press and hold the fan button within 5 secs. I've tried this several times and the climate/AC never goes on when I reach the car. Anyone else have this problem? Or am I doing something wrong?
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  3. Michael L.

    Michael L. New Member

    The fob should work...but only if you're within say...30 feet of the car. If you are farther away, use the HondaLink app to turn the climate system on. Tap on the link at the bottom of the Climate tile where it says "Turn on". Be aware that if you do this, there is a software glitch that may hose your SiriusXM. You will have to reboot the system.
  4. Valente

    Valente Active Member

    Strange - I've tried this when I'm right up to the car and still doesn't work. The amber lights flash 3 times but still nothing gets turned on.
  5. I think the blinking lights mean the remote climate control has begun. Like your refrigerator light, it will turn off when you open the door. From what I can tell, there's no indication (other than perhaps a sound from car) that the system is operating.
  6. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    As Michael posted, definitely use the Honda Link to precondition. Works every time and is not dependent on distance as long as both car and phone can get a cellular signal. It will also tell you the Car’s inside temp. Mine has a slight delay before turning on.
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  8. Valente

    Valente Active Member

    So does the air/AC stop when the car door is opened? Since my car still seems hot, Can't tell if the remote/Honda Link is working.
  9. megreyhair

    megreyhair Active Member

    I haven't try it on the Clarity but on my Pilot, the AC will stay on after unlock and opening the door.
  10. Michael L.

    Michael L. New Member

    Yes, the system shuts off when a door is opened.
  11. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    Are your conditions within the Comfortable Air Temperature Zone? Here is a copy of a post back in December...

    It turns out the car has particular conditions under which it will decide to cool or heat the car using Remote Climate either on the key fob or HondaLink. The car has a temperature band it calls the "Comfortable Air Temperature Zone." If within that zone the car will not heat nor cool in Remote Climate mode. The technician was able to pull up a few pertinent pages on his laptop (after 1/2 hour of searching). He's printed the pages and I scanned them in as a jpg file - attached. Perhaps this data is in a service manual. It should be in the Owner's Manual in my opinion.

    Our winters are mild here, and the car is kept in the garage. The conditions to heat the car with Remote Climate are the ambient temperature in the garage must be 77F or less while the inside of the car must be 59F or less. Otherwise the heat won't come on. It does seem possible that our car didn't fall under those conditions, but 77F in the garage in winter! Well it gives me a ton more information. I will now test the car in the wee hours of the morning to see if this data solves the problem. This chart also explains why the Remote Climate system did work one time when the conditions must have been just right.

    For those who have a Clarity and report that the Remote Climate works I'm guessing you are in much colder climates than we are. At the moment (Dec 27) it is 57F. The garage is 62 and the inside of the car is 69; so the heat would not come on according to the chart.

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  13. Valente

    Valente Active Member

    It's 100° here now in Palm Springs. I went shopping and as I left the building tried to start the AC. Got to the car and opened the door - still hot as hell inside. No AC running. Apparently, the AC did not go on. Guess I'll go to the dealership tomorrow.
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  14. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    Make sure it meets these conditions, my hunch is the HV battery is low?

    The climate control system does not operate when
    any of the following conditions are met.
    • A door or the hood is not closed.
    • The power mode is set to any mode other than
    • The brake pedal is being depressed.
    • The High Voltage battery level is low.
    When you use the climate control system while the
    vehicle is charging, it is recommended that you set
    the charging level to 240 volt charge.
  15. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

    From Honda FAQ:
    Can I preset the cabin temperature of the Clarity Electric with my smartphone before I get into the car?

    Yes, you can pre-condition the climate control system in the Clarity Electric via the HondaLink App. To help avoid reducing your battery charge, you can preset the cabin temperature while the car is plugged into a charging station. You can also pre-condition the cabin without being plugged in, as long as the battery state of charge is above 50%.
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  16. ManKo

    ManKo Member

    Actually it’s just when the driver door opens that the remote climate control shuts off. Other doors opening don’t affect it. This makes absolutely no sense. Every other car I’ve owned that has remote start keeps the engine and climate control running when opening the door and just requires you to hit the Stop/Start button with your foot on the brake in order to drive the car.
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  17. LegoZ

    LegoZ Active Member

    Also confirmed today you MUST have the ac on when you shut off the car to have it be come on when remote preconditioning is activated.
    FB8DE261-C72D-4685-A14D-E77B759BFF44.png 7725E913-A2C0-4469-8CFF-A5AC6A7FEFB4.png
  18. bfd

    bfd Active Member

    I hadn't noticed the in car temp before. Cool … (well, actually hot!)
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  19. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    I tried it this week. I turned on the climate system from the HondaLink app when I was about 100 yards from the car. It was about 85 degrees F outside and much hotter in the car in the sun. After slowly walking to the car it still hadn't started yet. About two minutes later I could hear a fan and motor noise. I stayed out of the car for about 5 minutes. When I got into the car it was beginning to cool. I hadn't given it enough time to really bring the temperature down but it was certainly working.

    In my case I'd say it was easily 3 or 4 minutes after I executed the climate system order to turn on before it actually started working.
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  20. Vezz66

    Vezz66 Member

    You can use the remote to open the windows, this does not stop the climate control.

    I tried the remote climate function this way, it was 36c inside and the ventilation was going full blast however no cooling at all.

    Am I to understand you have to ensure the AC is on in the climate settings? — I turn it off when outside temp is comfy. Have to test this when it warms up here again.
  21. AndyBA

    AndyBA New Member

    How do you use the remote to open the windows?
  22. ab13

    ab13 Active Member

    Press unlock ,then hold it a second time. As long as you hold it the windows go down. You can use the key to do it too, rolling windows up or down. So if you got out of the car and realized windows are rolled down. Turn the key twice and hold.

    Annoyingly, many Toyota's don't have this feature.
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  23. LegoZ

    LegoZ Active Member

    At least in my car this was the case.

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