Relative to Tesla the Legacy Brands are Pretenders

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Jun 14, 2018.

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    The Porsche Taycan marketing is pretty good. "Electric soul" is pretty cool imagery. But imagine liking advertising in an age of what should be more honest, intelligent and open un-sponsored search actually obviating advertising. But still "electrification of soul," very cool. Still, as usual, Tesla's approach is vastly superior as you don't give captured media money (by running ads- attention theft, where your attention tends to define you) because captured media is about undermining the public interest and turning people into property.

    But lets be honest, the legacy brands are run by people who had no clue and are trying hard not to have a clue. None of them have Tesla's people or mission or freedom from baggage.

    A few years back Musk cited 5.3 trillion $$ in global direct state annual petrol subsidies. Surly that was a low or charitable estimate. Even if it were just 5.3 T the US share would amount to more than 1/3 of the US federal budget going to subsidize a criminal and unnecessary industry that has been hollowing out US society and global society. You have to more than double this rate to cover petrol fuel/energy's externalities and keep in mind the industry still stacks an insane amount of debt on top of its subsides plus revenue where its subsidies already far exceed its revenues. Talk about an absolute loser business model that gets worse and worse year after year as does its horrendous hollowing out impoverishing effect.

    Its part of a scam of lower wages and driving up up personal debt to use money to control people and of course hollow out the public sector that could give people room. Instead of a society where people never do what they otherwise wouldn't for money and every transaction coming from an otherwise level playing field- no instead for 5 decades they've been cultivating a people-as-property model where people are born ransomed and beholden in debt to non contributing rent seekers. Its insane its a society based on fear and lies.

    Let me just name 7 industries utterly corrupted to the core in terms of where the money goes and how its used to prop up this rent seeking scam.

    Health care- in the US 5 decades ago we had better than single payer- what does you're access to an emergency room have to do with gambling on Wall St. and socializing losses from holding huge amounts of junk petrol assets and worse insuring junk petrol debt.

    Finance and housing. Look at the way home loans are working with fradulent ARMS etc again banks holding huge amounts of junk petrol assets and insuring the junk debt and socializing the losses by jacking up rates. Even risking bail-ins now planned in law for the next predictable collapse.

    Pension funds and mutual funds (a Ponzi scheme because they all invest in the same tiny amount of listed firms) but worse completely at risk and held hostage to junk petrol assets and holding a lot of to the totally toxic petrol debt putting retirements at risk of collapse while shrinking returns.

    Life insurance where the core assets and prices are put at risk because these also hold petrol junks which jack up prices and decreases payouts and puts the ability to pay out at huge risk.

    Labor markets (such a stupid term there are no human resources because humans are ends not means to an end) wages are suppressed because 1/3 or possibly closer to 1/2 of tax monies are not contributing to the public good but instead are getting sucked into the regressive petrol black hole of hollowing out so firms when they go to pay both corporate taxes and their portion of employee contributions tend to want to suppress wages because even they get less for the dollar returned in public benefit- this where most of the fortune 1000 are complete welfare cases their profits and dividends not amounting to more than transfer payments. Labor unions were captured with the ploy of agency shops, a bribe for faking it and bargaining away their real protections at the start of every contract cycle making them defenseless almost all of the time.

    Defense industry- how much of its budget is going to cover unnecessary petrol subsidies but also how much of what should be defense is going to cover petty but genocidal wars that are actually petrol bailouts.

    Media, if your going to have cotton picking and return to the plantation and roll back civil rights and reverse the results of the Civil War you're going to need a captured media to help lie about the petrol black hole. So suddenly it started taking money to run for office because instead of air waves being the commons they actually are (as in net neutrality) the air waves became enclosed with privatization idiocy (paying parasites for no value added scams that undermine human rights and freedoms) in a way that lead to sponsor captured politicians and captured law and the pure criminality of ALEC where the whole democratic process is bypassed and petrol scam interests in particular were/are allowed to straight write law bypassing legislatures. This is bribery as law. Any money that goes to captured consolidated media is used to censor people and drown out their voices, which more than anything else makes people into property.

    5 decades prior, if a media firm refused to cover elections for free its charter would be yanked. But after this money-is-free-speech BS and firms-have-rights/personhood-nonsense (a duplication or compounding of some people's rights for all the wrong reasons) it is suddenly harder to yank charters. And what of money as free speech. Is shouting fire in a crowded theater where their is not fire free speech? Is defamation free speech? Is blood money free speech? Is child prostitution free speech? Is extortion free speech? Is graft free speech? Is involuntary organ harvesting free speech? Why is bribery and bribe based captured media free speech. Lobbying is bribery pure and simple.
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