Regretting the clarity.

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Eddie t, Sep 14, 2018.

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  1. Eddie t

    Eddie t New Member

    So I feel like I really got the short end of the stick here. My Clarity was sold to me at night from Galpin Honda at well over MSRP price, and i didn't notice all the cars matte black trimmings outside are beyond faded. They're even white on some parts. My passenger door doesn't close properly, so I'm assuming it's miss-aligned. When I start driving, I can hear all the car doors relock, at random times. My walk away sensor no longer makes a beep noise or have the lights turn on, when the car locks, or when I lock the car using remote control (in short, there's no feedback from the car when it's locked). And all four insides of all door handles are beyond scratched. I'm going back to the dealer to address all these problems, but is there any tips or advice anyone can give me so of these things are fixed, including the cosmetic. And to top it off, the salesmen said there was suppose to be door guards on the vehicle, which weren't on the car. When we asked the finance manager if they could be put on i was told no because i didnt pay for them. One thing is for sure, im never going back to galpin honda.

    Now, i know this isn't how my experience is suppose to be going, since I previously had the exact same model before my current Clarity. Unfortunately the first Clarity was totaled.
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  3. jorgie393

    jorgie393 Active Member

    Sorry to hear the experience with with particular car has been poor--sounds like it's specific to this car, not the model. I think I can help with two of these:

    -The lack of beep when you lock is a setting. It can be turned back on. If I recall the exact menu path, I'll edit this to include. [Edit: The path MIGHT be "Settings"/"Vehicle"/"Keyless Access Beep". If this is "OFF", it is probably the issue--set to "ON"].

    -The "relock at random times" is probably also a setting. The auto door lock when driving can be set to: when you shift out of Park/not at all/or when you reach a certain speed. If it's set to this last, it might appear random as it may take different amounts of time for you to reach the trigger speed. [Edit: The path for this on the settings menu is: "Settings"/"Vehicle"/"Door/Window Setup"/"Auto Door Lock"", then if it is set to "With Vehicle Speed" this might be the problem. CHange to "With Park" or "Off"].
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  4. Eddie t

    Eddie t New Member

    That unfortunately isn't the problem. Ive tried changing the settings and even tried to restore all settings to default, and it still doesn't work. My next step is to remove the negative terminal from the battery, and see if that helps.
  5. David A

    David A Guest

    EddieT...I really hate the issues you have. The title of the thread should be "Regretting the dealership"...sounds like they took advantage of a customer to me. With the issues you have is pointless to think they didn't know about the issues.

    The overcharging on MSRP is a all to common tactic for some dealerships...there is not much you can do about that at this point unfortunately. The law is on their side.

    As for your issues with the suggestion is become familiar with the lemon laws in your state. Generally the longer your car is in for repair and/or you have repeated issues that cannot be can build a case. The onus is totally on you to prove this car is a lemon but if things don't improve, it is one course of action for you to consider. Every state lemon law is different so you need to research, research, research.

    I wish you luck my friend.
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  7. Jordan

    Jordan Member

    Oh man, if this thread was regret the dealer, I'd be joining right in. I've had nothing but bad experiences at my dealer, mungenast in St Louis. I've had to take my car in 5-6 times for various things and often two times for the same thing. But the icing on the cake (maybe poison cake) is they fried my PCM board (still don't know what it is) when they did the multiple system warnings update and my car has been been undriveable since the 10th. Looks like it still won't be fixed until the 18th. They gave me a loaner but sheesh... So frustrating. I love my clarity but yikes, this dealership is the pits.
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  8. ab13

    ab13 Active Member

    If the handles are scratched it sounds like the car was used for demo or loaner. Did it have any miles on it?
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  9. johncl

    johncl Member

    I would definitely be contacting the Honda regional or corporate office. I believe there is information in your owner manuals where to address the kinds of issues you are having. There should be a toll free number in your owners manual. Be sure to take down all names, and save all documentation. They should open a case for you.

    Here are some links:

    American Honda Motor Company, Inc.
    700 Van Ness Avenue
    Torrance, California 90501-1486
    Phone: 310-781-4000
    Fax: 310-781-4142
    Toll Free: 800-334-6632

    Honda Financial Services
  10. Eddie t

    Eddie t New Member

    The car had 53 miles when I first got it. It was a demo wasn’t it? Something I just remembered, all of the protective films that were on my first clarity, were already all taken off my current model. Do I have a case if this was a demo car?
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  12. David A

    David A Guest

    Just a thought...are you are looking at the odometer proper? As you are aware, the Clarity can cycle between Odo, trip A and then trip B. A and B can be reset easily back to zero. A consumer could easily overlook this fact during the buying phase and just assume the mileage is the true odometer.

    Probably depends on your state laws but one would think if the dealership represented this car as new and it was in fact a loaner or a would be easier to fight. 53 miles seems awful low for a demo or loaner. 50 miles could be 2-3 test drives. Hard to figure.

    Best of luck.
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  13. lessismore

    lessismore Member

    I can attest that the door guard does not come with the car - there is a cost if you would like to install. I have mine on but honestly don't think it's a worthy spend. good luck with addressing the problem with your dealership - seeking help from Honda's regional office is a good idea from the above replies
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  14. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    I don't know how the laws read in your state. My very first purchase, as a naive young auto buyer, was a (if I recall correctly) 1977 Honda Civic CVCC. It had ~50 miles on the odometer. I was given a piece of paper to sign about unusually high mileage on a "new" car. I asked why it had such a high mileage. The salesman looked me in the eye and said with a straight face "I don't know".

    Well, now I'm older and wiser and I know better. Obviously it was a demo car, and I should have been given a discount.

    Did you sign a paper saying that your car had unusually high mileage? If not, then depending on how the laws work in your state, you may have a case for fraudulent sale. If I were you, I would definitely pursue any and all opportunities to return the car for a full refund.

    Good luck to you! :)

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  15. eagle8

    eagle8 New Member

    Honda is a really reputable car company. I once had an Accord, and the clutch went kaplooey about 50 miles after the warranty expired. Once I got in touch with a guy at Honda corporate who had some power, they agreed to pay for the repairs (all of them) on a job that ended up costing about 800 dollars. If you don't find a sympathetic ear on the first go around, keep at it. Honda doesn't want this type of publicity crawling around on the web. Good luck!
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  16. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    Another note, the settings are all tied to the key you used to start the car, the second key will have to have the same settings applied.

    Might need to post pics of the trim to see what you mean. I would definitely complain to Honda corporate. Electrical gremlins tend to be loose connections and such. Service center should probably find them, but if possible you might use ome at a different location.
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  17. su_A_ve

    su_A_ve Active Member

    50 miles can easily be part of dealer trade and test drives. But dealers have been taking these cars to local events to get sales. Add to this, that some have been able to convince a dealer for long test drive, and miles add up in no time.

    Some of these cars have been sitting on lots for a while. If someone wanted to look or test drive your color, the older one is probably the one that is being brought up to test. In my case, all Clarity's were sitting on a back lots with no access. I almost bought one with about 30 miles but I was insisting my sales person to get me one with no miles and he found one with just 5.
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  18. Eddie t

    Eddie t New Member

    The car started working as normal, when it comes to locking. Would you have any idea why it started giving me problems in the first place :(?
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  19. Eddie t

    Eddie t New Member

    I will be speaking to the manager about this car being a DEMO car and them taking care of all the cosmetic damage. Here i thought i was being done a favor, with them "working and pulling strings" for the financing. I realize now, they were just playing me. Even the protective films from the car were already removed. How disappointing.
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  20. Eddie t

    Eddie t New Member

    I will be speaking to a managers at this dealer to see what i can do. if not, i will definitely be contacting corporate.
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  21. DaleL

    DaleL Active Member

    Boy do I feel fortunate. My Clarity was built in March and I purchased it in May. I now have 5,203 miles on it. I have yet to discover a single manufacturing defect. I even drove it on a long road trip from Florida to Ohio and back, nearly 2,000 miles and got 43 mpg HV mode.

    I Googled Galpin Honda. I could not believe that they have 48 Claritys! I would think that instead of charging over MSRP, they would be selling them at a discount.

    I assume, since Galpin is located in California, that you are covered by California's Lemon Law: Until ALL the defects are corrected, you should make sure that all communications with Galpin, any other Honda dealership, or America Honda are in WRITING. (emails, texts, or letters)

    How about taking some pictures and posting them? Also, it must have been quite a wreck to total a brand new $35,000 car. How did your first Clarity hold up in the crash. Were you injured?
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
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  22. Eddie t

    Eddie t New Member

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely be a little defensive now, since I don't want to get screwed over again. The salesmen has now contacted me back, after previously ignoring my messages to him, when he incorrectly scheduled my service appt on the wrong day. I guess my call to honda finally reached his managers.
    These pics are for the fadedness of the trimming and the scratches on the handles. I'll upload the accident pics in my next reply.

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