Regenerative braking issue

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Dan Coleman, Nov 5, 2021.

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  1. Dan Coleman

    Dan Coleman New Member

    Warning lights came on along with a Stop vehicle and check regen. brakes instruction while I was stopped at a stop light. The car would not accelerate above 10 mph and the brakes were not effective, I had to press very hard on the pedal and had very limited, if any, response from the brakes. The dealer did some software updates, test drove, and returned the car. 2 weeks later the same warning and instruction appeared except this time I was driving. Fortunately I had room to eventually stop. The dealer now says the brake module needs to be replaced, and I have been waiting almost two months for the part to come in. Any others have this or a similar issue?
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  3. Jenny

    Jenny New Member

    Hi Dan,
    That sounds really scary. What year is your Kona and we’re you at least able to slow the car down with the hand paddle?
    We have a 2020 and our breaks creak (sounds like a really creaky floor) every time we press the pedal, Hyundai Victoria has tried to fix but to no avail, so worried that it’s a sign of a bigger? Issue.
    Good luck with your issue.
  4. Dan Coleman

    Dan Coleman New Member

    Thanks. It’s a 2020 SEL. For better or worse I’ve put a lot of miles on it since buying June 2020. It had 35K + when it first happened.
  5. Yikes, that's disturbing. I hope they get your breaks fixed ASAP. If they're still waiting for the part, is the car driveable?
  6. Dan Coleman

    Dan Coleman New Member

    Definitely not driveable. It took a while to get a loaner from the dealership. It sounds like there are a lot of cars waiting for parts from what I hear.
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  8. The braking system outside of the ABS is complicated and that's why now, being out of warranty, I'll defer the biennial brake fluid change to the dealer rather than DIY as I'd normally do.

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