Regen Paddle Failing

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by David Towle, Mar 9, 2023.

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  1. Glad I have the 8-year Honda Care Plan on this car.
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  3. David Towle

    David Towle Well-Known Member

    They told me they had to remove the steering wheel not the column.
  4. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    Right now I see at least 12 of these for sale on eBay ranging from $160 to $350.
    Search for "Honda Clarity Display"

    It has been confirmed by another forum member here that it doesn't matter if the display is from a Touring or a Base model. It will work on either.
    Some of the eBay displays are from Fuel Cell vehicles (probably because they have mostly been scrapped). Although we have no confirmation, if you look at the Honda parts sites, it shows all 3 vehicles FCEV, PHEV, and PHEV Touring use the same display unit so it is likely any would work
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