Regarding various EV power problems

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Walt R, Mar 16, 2019.

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  1. Walt R

    Walt R Active Member

    Determining a battery's State of Charge (SoC) is not exact. See this page: (I wonder which of those methods the Clarity is actually using).

    The Clarity battery management tries to switch out of EV mode with a certain amount of battery capacity remaining - to be used for brief periods and then immediately replaced, so that the car still has 180 hp available and not only 100 hp from the ICE. If we posit that some cars have batteries that deviate from the assumed SoC curve, they may have less energy remaining than the software aimed for, meaning that their power output will fall off more rapidly than anticipated when they are used. With this assumption, how many of the power system problems discussed here could fall under this scenario?

    Angry bees is one candidate - the car expected to discharge the battery at a certain rate while recharging at a moderate ICE RPM. When the battery output falls, the ICE needs to produce more power to make up the difference, as well as making recharging the battery more urgent.

    The loss of power may be related too. An unplanned drop from 180 hp to 80 hp could be difficult to discern from a drop to 0, at least in the first moments. Or, perhaps the drive motor controller sees a different power input than it was told to expect, and is programmed to play it safe (for the motor) in this condition and cease sending any power into the motor.

    This is just a hypothesis. I don't have any inside knowledge on the working of the Clarity power system, and am not an expert on electric circuits and batteries. But I think it's plausible.
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