Reduce charge rate

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Timothy, Aug 1, 2018.

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  1. Timothy

    Timothy Active Member

    Isn't there a option through the central console to reduce the charging rate? Or am I just remembering one of the many other plug-ins we test drove? I searched both the manual and the guide (I still don't understand the distinction) for the term 'charge' and found nothing about this. If there is such a setting could someone help direct me to which menu it is under. Thanks.
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  3. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    We can set the charge rate through the JuiceBox charge station. I don't believe the car has that option.
  4. MarkClarity

    MarkClarity Active Member

    The charge rate is controlled by the EVSE cable which sends a 12v signal on the pilot wire to tell the car charger how much current to draw. Sample values from the J1772 Wiki:


    The signal can actually specify any amperage between 0 and 90A

    There are no known settings in the car to override this.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2018
  5. Odobo

    Odobo Active Member

    It's available on the other cars you test drove... Not on the clarity.
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  6. Timothy

    Timothy Active Member

    Sadly, I have come to the same conclusion. And yet I have no regrets. Maybe it was the Volt, the Bolt, both? We are happy with the Clarity.
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