Recommendations to sell my extra 2022 Mach-E

Discussion in 'General' started by Ph@enix, Apr 22, 2022.

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  1. Ph@enix

    Ph@enix New Member

    When I placed my order I made a mistake and ordered two Mach-E's. A California Route 1 and a Premium long range. I took delivery and love my California Route 1, the premium model arrived today and are thinking of taking delivery and selling it. Any recommendations on how I can flip the vehicle quickly and help another family drive this awesome car?
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  3. List the specifics of the Mach-E (ie Color, AWD or 2WD, options...) where the car is located and what you want for it and maybe
    someone on the forum might know someone in your area who might be interested
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  4. Ph@enix

    Ph@enix New Member

    Long range 2wd, off white, black interior. Car is in Phoenix, AZ but happy to deliver to LA or San Diego. I will sell it for 3K above whatever dealer sells it to me.
  5. Ph@enix

    Ph@enix New Member


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