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Discussion in 'Volkswagen' started by revcp, Sep 29, 2021.

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  1. revcp

    revcp New Member

    We are looking at the ID4 (Pro or Pro S). Does anyone know whether a VW made or aftermarket receiver hitch will mount to it? If we can't carry bikes with it, we'll need to look at a different vehicle. It would be stunningly stupid of that's not possible.
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  3. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    Yes - it is a little complicated, but there are options.

    The 1st edition came with a 1-1/4" hitch receiver. That's what I have, and I bought a hitch ball that fits it. A neighbor gave me a bike rack that fits into a 1-1/4" receiver. Easy-peasy.

    But what is weird is that just Pro or Pro-S don't have a hitch receiver option. I believe you need to order the AWD variant to get that.

    But if you don't have AWD, there is now an aftermarket option on etrailer from Draw-Tite. Install manual here:

    I believe if you go with this option, you get a 2" receiver.
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  4. Darryl Thompson

    Darryl Thompson New Member

    I just got an AWD Pro S and it has a 1 1/4” receiver.

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