Real world MPGe of Toyota Mirai

Discussion in 'Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles' started by Tommyhp2, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. Tommyhp2

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    Hello everyone,

    I'd like to ask all the owners of the Toyota Mirai regarding real world MPGe. Toyota listed as 67 for 2019 model for both highway and city. I find that unrealistic and very misleading when comparing to ICE counterparts because of more energy expenditure in acceleration to certain speed versus maintaining that constant speed. Would someone please confirm?

  2. Tommyhp2

    Tommyhp2 New Member

    Also, is there any significant deviation to range in extreme weather? I realize that California doesn't really have extreme weather, except maybe summer time. How is your range during the hottest days during the summer verses the coldest days during the winter. Thanks again.
  3. Roy_H

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    Calculate MPGe by miles/kgH2 * 1.07

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