Re: HV inflated range for Canadian models

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Armandy, Nov 7, 2018.

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  1. Armandy

    Armandy New Member

    Has anyone noticed a decrease in EV range after the fix was applied for the inflated HV range? Bought my Clarity in February of this year, was always parked in a heated garage. Ev ranged was very good mostly in the high 70 to 90-kilometer range and went over 100 kilometers quite a few times, only twice did it hit the 60 kilometer range but I did that purposely with the AC or heater on full blast to see how low it would drop. Got the HV range fix applied in August, since then Ev range has been consistently in the 60 to 50 kilometer range even in ideal conditions of August, September, and October when I didn't have to use the AC or heater. Not looking forward to the colder months coming up. It kinda makes me think that Honda purposely inflated these ranges to give you that wow feeling until the fix was applied. The brochure states that it can get up to 76 kilometers, so guess I can't complain.
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  3. CreacentMike

    CreacentMike New Member

    I was also seeing those higher ev range figures during the summer. Now a full charge will show somewhere between 65 and 70 kilometres range which doesn’t seem too bad give our cooler temperatures in the fall on the west coast. I’ve never had an indicated range of 50 - 60 km. We bought our Clarity at the beginning of June this year.
  4. ClarityDoc

    ClarityDoc Active Member

    Are you referring strictly to the GoM (Guess-o-Meter), or have you observed a proportional decrease in your actual EV range (as driven)? In my experience (6 months, 3700 miles), the EV GoM is quite accurate, but I haven't had the HV range fix yet (haven't had to buy gas or visit the dealership yet, so my HV range is pretty steady). I'm curious (and skeptical) whether actual EV range drops with the HV range fix.
  5. ringf4g4plugin guy

    ringf4g4plugin guy New Member

    Did not see any drop in EV range here in S Fla after getting the HV range fix.

    Typically about 50 miles
  6. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    US driver, but I have not seen any EV range (estimate or actual) decrease after I had the HV range fix update.
    Even with AC on in temps up to 95F, I was consistently getting 62 to 64 miles EV range estimate with actual range within 3-5 miles of that.
    I have noticed that just with temps down to the 50s F, and no heat or ac, that my range is down to the high 50s or a loss of about 5-6 miles. That doesn’t bode well for when the temp really drops this winter and I start using heat/defrost. So it would seem just temperature alone will cause a loss of EV range. I’m very glad I have a garage and a level 2 EVSE so it will be easy to precondition without losing any range in the dead of winter.
    However, I’m sure the weighted average of my EV range over a year will still beat the EPA 47 miles. Boy, have I been spoiled by EV ranges around 60 miles. I think cold weather and heater usage induced loss of EV range is the dirty little secret of electric cars that no body likes to mention.
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  8. I’ve heard of people’s EV GoM drop after getting the HV range fix applied. Seems like it may reset any of your past trips. Almost all have said it sent back to normal EV range estimates after driving multiple trips. May be that the cold weather + range reset is causing the sudden drop. Will be interesting to see if your estimates bounce back.

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