RAV4 Prime Seat Options

Discussion in 'Rav4 Prime' started by GRKzoo, Mar 11, 2021.

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  1. GRKzoo

    GRKzoo New Member

    I'm seriously contemplating a RAV4 Prime but I live in the southeast USA where Toyota is not even allowing their dealers to sell this plug in model. I am not unwilling to go the 500-600 miles to make a purchase but obviously this makes checking one out thoroughly with a test drive very difficult. I have done a lot of research and test driven the non-Prime hybrid model but my wife really disliked the passenger seat comfort in this model (which does not even offer a power adjustable passenger seat). Our goal for buying this vehicle would be to take numerous longer trips of 5 - 8 hours where seat comfort is very important and she needs a seat which has more cushioning.

    Obviously the seats appear to be different in appearance between the non-Prime and Prime models in addition to the possible differences between the Prime with and without the Premium Package option. I have found that if the RAV4 Prime is equipped with the Premium Package it will include a power adjustable passenger seat with both heating and cooling. I'm hoping that adding these features means that different padding would be used in the seat cushions too. Since I cannot actually sit in one of these seats without taking multiple trips I'd like to ask users of this forum for their opinions on the relative comfort of the seats of the various Prime models. Has anybody actually sat in all of the models and looked at relative comfort?
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