RAV4 Prime reviews

Discussion in 'Rav4 Prime' started by Domenick, Jul 6, 2020.

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  3. Great alternative to BEV in a full size SUV. It just seems a "little light" on production numbers which makes me wonder why Toyota is doing this. Maybe something better in the near future?
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  4. MaineMan

    MaineMan New Member

    I’ve heard one possible reason why production is slow. It has to do with availability of the new battery these vehicles get. Hopefully, it’s a simple cog in the material chain acquisition and not a new unexpected twist so early on.

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  7. Right?! It had me worried at first, but ended up being pretty impressive.
  8. I really enjoyed this review. Lots of details about the exterior and interior with some info about trim levels. The driving portion is also informative. Definitely a good one to watch if you're interested in buying this vehicle.

  9. Here's a quick drive review by the Out Of Spec Motoring guys. It's only 11 minutes long, but Kyle is great at giving feedback and info about the car.

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