Rally champ SE solves the overheating problem

Discussion in 'Cooper SE' started by insightman, Nov 14, 2023.

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  2. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

    I think some day the SE (F56 version) will be considered an all-time classic EV model.
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  3. Rexsio

    Rexsio Well-Known Member

    IMG_1148.jpeg IMG_1149.jpeg
    Classic SE just for insurance/ registration purpose the age of a classic car in most cases is at least 20 years old if you are going to register it as classic .But SE was manufactured in thousands means be more difficult to get to classic / collectible car.I don’t know how much will be to replace HV battery in SE 20 years later but for BMW I 3 just for smallest 22,5 KWh SE 32,5 KWh a price was $16000 .This EV as a classic will be pretty expensive to keep running after 20 years .BMW I 3 make more sense as a classic bc body made of carbon fiber will never rust.For statistics 2010 Tesla roadster build 2500 units and 1500 survive to this day price was $109000 new and today I notice you can get T. roadster 18000-25000 miles for about $125000 and adds are there for sale .This was a Mini to keep and sale as classic - picture
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  4. JonR

    JonR Well-Known Member

    The "Drexler" limited-slip differential is pretty interesting.
  5. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

    I meant I think car aficionados will think highly of the SE in many years, like the original Mini or Mustang or other "classic" cars. The i3 may be distinctive and have a certain charm, but it doesn't stand out as an example of maximum performance.
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  7. CuriousGeorge

    CuriousGeorge Well-Known Member

  8. Rexsio

    Rexsio Well-Known Member

    2014 BMWI3 beats any SE. in 0-60 bc of weight 2600 lbs.and rear drive but only only 2014 not next models of i3 bc they were heavier with bigger batteries / versus 3150 lbs. base SE and 170 HP on I 3 versus 181 HP on SE didn’t help . I drove I 3 for 6 years .About highway With higher speeds SE is obviously better car but just for pic up speed in suburban setting i3 is superior.People also cry about skinny tires but i3 s 19/20” tires were having the same grip on a road like 16”/17” SE tires you call /road patch contact /. I3 departure SOLD
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  9. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Well, it has the same motor. It would be interesting to know if it has the same battery, too.

    Here's more on Racing Mimi, from when it was a hillclimb car. The brakes and wheels aren't stock and it has a roll-cage that probably stiffens the chassis.

    I've always wondered if MINI used the stock MINI/i3s motor in their Formula E safety car and how they prevent overheating. Does this car use dry ice, too?

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