Radio Crashing

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Michael Borquez, Jul 18, 2018.

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  1. Maybe I have a dud, but I have had multiple issues with my head unit. I have only had the car a week.

    1. The back up camera image is not smooth, the image is jerky like frames are missing in the playback. The head unit in general is not very fast, lots of freezing and locking up.

    2. When I started the car last week the radio started to come on, then froze, then took a few minutes to come back.

    3. Today the bluetooth was playing music, but the phone buttons were grayed out. When I tried to link it, it said the bluetooth was turned off. I went the settings to turn it back on, but it wouldn't, it would just return to the previous screen. To fix this I did a reboot by holding down the power button until the screen went blank and it has restarted with no issues so far.

    Anyone else having issues like this?
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  3. megreyhair

    megreyhair Active Member

    The only issue I had was with an intermittent connection between Android Auto and my phone. Turned out be a cable issue.
  4. ZedFez

    ZedFez Member

    Only satellite radio working intermittently. Works initially on a given drive, but if source is changed to anything else, about a 50% chance XM Radio will function (come back on). Zero sound. All other audio sources work just fine. XM always works again after the vehicle has been powered-off and back on.

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  5. Rajiv Vaidyanathan

    Rajiv Vaidyanathan Active Member

    My Pixel XL no longer connects to the car after they replaced the audio unit on the car. The music plays fine over Bluetooth, but the phone will not work and is grayed out just like @Michael Borquez. The dealer claims that the Google Pixel XL is not listed as a phone compatible with the Clarity and that the fact it worked earlier was a glitch.

    Anyone else have a Pixel XL working with the Clarity after the recent Android update?
  6. JOHN Male MORK

    JOHN Male MORK New Member

    This is related to cabin preconditioning. Never have this issue other than when I use the preconditioning.
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  8. ZedFez

    ZedFez Member

    Cool. Thanks for the info!
  9. I had the bluetooth issue again today. I have to stop car, turn it off and turn it back on to have the bluetooth work again. Same error as before "Bluetooth Turned Off". I'm not sure if it worth it to take to the dealership since it is intermittent.
  10. pinrut

    pinrut New Member

    I am using my pixel 2 xl without issue, connected via Google's USB C cable to the 1.5 amp USB port. I disabled Bluetooth auto connection of Android auto because it was doing strange things when I disconnected the is cable.

    Are you using the Android auto app?
  11. Front Row

    Front Row Member

    I've had this issue twice now, both times I pre-conditioned. Thanks to this site I'm not freaking out and running to the dealer. Hope Honda fixes this glitch soon.
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  13. turned on cabin temperature preconditioning for the first time ever today using the hondalink app. 15 minutes later I got into the car, turned the car "on" and at a stop light, I tried to turn on the satellite radio. I was completely locked up. I could see the XM screen, but all the buttons were frozen and no sound came out. I could go to any other sound input and it worked, but XM did not. 20 minutes later. I turned off the car, and when I later turned it back on, now XM is working normally.

    The amazing part is right after I had this head scratcher issue, I come to this forum and find a new conversation about it. :)
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  14. ZedFez

    ZedFez Member

    For some reason it’s been working flawlessly recently, despite continued use of pre-conditioning regularly. Guess it worked itself out.
  15. amy2421

    amy2421 Active Member

    Someone else reported in another thread that if they turn off the preconditioning before starting the vehicle, they do not experience the XM radio glitch..
  16. weave

    weave Active Member

    I had a non-responsive or slow head unit when I got in the car without it being pre-conditioned and it was hot as hell in there -- so heating that up may cause the processor to slow down to try to stop itself from cooking to death.
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  17. Alantn

    Alantn Member

    I had the same issue with connecting my Android phone to the head unit no longer work. I soft reboot the head unit, press the audio power button on the upper top left of the head unit for 10 seconds and it will ask if you want to reboot. Once reboot, plug in the Android phone and it asks again to connect (select Always). Once done, Android Auto works again. Hope this will work for you.

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