R1S vs. Model X

Discussion in 'R1S' started by Chris Frank, Feb 17, 2021.

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  1. Chris Frank

    Chris Frank New Member

    Hi All,

    Trying to find comments on R1S vs. Model X on the interwebs but it's slim pickins. Here's how I see the pros of each:

    Model X
    • More mature product
    • More self driving capability
    • 250 charging
    • Better charging network
    • Longer range
    • Cheaper + qualification for federal tax credit
    • More cargo
    • No falcon doors (a positive)
    • Support for non-Tesla EV brand
    • Better towing capacity
    My main use case is road trips with the kids. Peninsula to Tahoe mostly, but other road trips within CA. Will the R1S be 250 capable? Does the hardware preclude it from 250 charging or will that come with a software update?

    What do folks think?
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    Why doesnt pre orders offer Max battery? SUV needs more mileage.
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  4. I feel like the Model X has too many issues, like pre-mature front axle wear, for example. I do like the falcon-wing doors, though.
    The R1S will be a look more off-road capable and I think I prefer its interior.
  5. Fred Golden

    Fred Golden New Member

    Looks like if you want to drive San Francisco to the city of South Lake Tahoe, it will be a 200 mile drive. Being uphill, there might be range considerations on the uphill route, but downhill should be fine! Problem is that between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe there is not great big city with a large charger, so probably stopping in Sacramento is probably a good idea the first couple of trips. Only need to gain perhaps 50 miles of range, not top it off. Once you have made the trip a couple of times, it will be easy to estimate how much power will be left over once you reach South Lake Tahoe. And you might figure out that you can reach home with only a 80% or so charge as you leave Lake Tahoe.

    If you are driving Monterey to Sacramento, that is 200 miles, with an additional 84 to South Lake Tahoe (on highway 50). So additional charging in Sacramento would be almost a requirement. You would not need a full charge, but enough so that your range meter will read over 120 miles before leaving Sacramento area. Going home with a full charge should be OK, but you might have only 50 - 100 mile range as you reach Monterey.
  6. There is an Electrify America station coming soon to Placerville. That should help with this trip.
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  8. Fred Golden

    Fred Golden New Member

    There is also a level 2 charger on S street, near highway 50 in Sacramento. I have found some shopping centers that have close electric charge stations that are free at the mall. Some charge $0.40 per KW, and I avoid those, never see anyone at them.

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