Questions about iOS 15 and CarPlay in the Clarity

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by coutinpe, Nov 23, 2021.

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  1. coutinpe

    coutinpe Active Member

    Folks: I have been hesitant to install the new IOS 15 mainly because I'm afraid it could ruin the CarPlay connection with my Clarity. Also, I still own an iPhone 7 (while it works well and it does what I need I see no reason to dump it). Does anybody have any experiences/recommendations on the matter to share? It would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. Fastermac

    Fastermac New Member

    I have a 2021 Clarity and use Apple CarPlay heavily everyday with iOS 15.0.2 on an XS Max with no problems. We also have two Accords in the family (2016 and 2017) that had constant freezes with iOS 14 but since upgrading to 15 they have been solid with CarPlay as well.
  4. coutinpe

    coutinpe Active Member

  5. rodeknyt

    rodeknyt Active Member

    I'm using iOS 15 on an 11 Pro and have no problems with CarPlay in our 2018 Touring.
  6. Johnhaydev

    Johnhaydev Active Member

    I have the exact same phone and car and also have no trouble with iOS 15.
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  8. RickSE

    RickSE Active Member

    iPhone 13 Pro / iOS 15.1.1: I’ve found that I can’t have the phone plugged in when I start the car. If I do then frequently the device can’t be found by CarPlay. The phone charges but it won’t connect. Unplugging and replugging usually works but I’ve had to reboot my phone occasionally (turning off car and restarting the car doesn’t work). Sometimes the volume control doesn’t work either and only adjusts the voice guidance volume on waze.
  9. coutinpe

    coutinpe Active Member

    I finally upgraded it. I use the wireless CarPlay dongle (Carplay2auto) and it's going well so far, it hasn't given me any connection failures at startup as it happened before, only the music stream sometimes "jumps". But something weird happens every time I get near some freeway interchanges: The Bluetooth signal seems to be "killed" by something operating there so the navigation is frozen (either Apple, Google or Waze) and the music stream stops. After driving a couple hundred feet away the music returns but the navigation remain frozen for a few more minutes. The same in iOS15 as it was in iOS14. Has anyone experienced that?

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