Question Regarding Battery & Charge Port Maintenance

Discussion in 'General' started by TimRondoo, Jul 30, 2021.

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  1. TimRondoo

    TimRondoo New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Had a quick question for all of you. A friend of mine recommended I use Termin-8R from Spectra Products for my new Tesla charging ports and charging station at home and was wondering if anyone else here has used this product?

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  3. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the DeOxit I've come to rely on to keep electrical stuff clean.

  4. TimRondoo

    TimRondoo New Member

    Termin-8R is a multi functional product not just a contact cleaner it is very different from DeoxIT. From the research I have done DeoxIT looks like it is used for indoor electrical issues not outdoors for EV vehicles and equipment. The composition of DeoxIT based on the SDS sheet, the main ingredient is the carrier solvent at 75%, 20% propellant and 5% the active ingredient. The carrier solvent in DeoxIT can dissolve any existing lubricant in the electronics which could pose problems and is flammable until the solvent evaporates.

    Termin-8R has a 40,000 dielectric factor and is safe for all electronics indoors and in particular outdoors in harsh conditions.

    Since Termin-8R is a multi functional product you can use it in many different applications.

    When applied to existing corrosion, Termin-8R® quickly penetrates the oxidation to reach deep into the corrosion cell where it chases off moisture. It then lays down an ultra thin barrier that prevents further oxidation for a year or more, depending upon its exposure to the environment, elements and abrasion.

    There is also a significant price difference between the two products, with DeoxIT being 9 times more expensive than Termin-8R based on the 5 oz. can of DeoxIT compared to Termin-8R being a 14 oz. can.

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