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Discussion in 'Cybertruck' started by 47of74, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. 47of74

    47of74 New Member

    I’m not sold on the Cybertruck but I’ll see what the production version looks like and decide then if I want to go ahead with getting a Cybertruck.
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  2. interestedinEV

    interestedinEV Well-Known Member

    It is only $100 deposit but and I did put the deposit in, but here are my concerns
    1. It is going to come out only in 2021, so it about 2 years interest free loan to Tesla
    2. Rivian is coming out in 2020 and the Ford F150 in 2020/21. They are going to be costlier, and so everything depends on Tesla being able to keep this price
    3. I may just get tired of waiting and go another way
  3. Re-Volted

    Re-Volted New Member

    I think a lot of us are "hedging our bets" for whatever reason. I figured a Y is likely for me if I can afford it when I need it, providing it can tow a little trailer, but if the truck comes available at the base price it really has merit. So ya, I'm in too.

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  4. My son put in a reservation. He doesn't like the looks, but the specs sound good, and is surprisingly cheap (same price as he paid for his M3). Had nothing to lose with a refundable $100 deposit.
  5. gooki

    gooki Active Member

    Cybertruck for me. The wait gives me time to save up. What appeals to me:

    Six seats
    Covered bed
    Raw body finish (no paint)
    Ground clearance

    I opted for the cheapest one. AWD would be nice but Tesla traction control is very good.
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  6. chphilo

    chphilo New Member

    I personally did not fare well with Ford in the past, so it is not a good option for me.

    I was interested in Rivian . . . then the Cybertruck came out. Rivian underwhelms me now, hauls less, tows less, slower. For a lot of people, 4.6 ft bed will be a deal-breaker.

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