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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by jpkik96, Aug 31, 2019.

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    All -

    I live in NJ and leased a Clarity Touring with a 12,000 mile in June 2018 (1st time leasing). At the time, I opted for leasing because I thought the Clarity could be improved in the next version, ie: sunroof, better infotainment center, etc. and liked the optionality of leasing and returning the car to Honda for an updated one or potentially buying off the lease.

    So far, my wife and I have really enjoyed the car - unfortunately so much so that we are currently way over our mileage restriction and may need to start "parking" the car to not violate the mileage allowance. My other option would be to continue enjoying the car and purchase while still under the factory warranty and purchase an extended HondaCare warranty.

    I checked with the local dealer about options and right now based on my mileage and lease payments to date I would need to pay an additional $3500 to return the car towards another purchase (considering an Accord Hybrid EX-L.)

    Now that it appears Honda is shipping all NEW Clarity's to California, is there any concern about future support or part availability? Knowing what we know today about Honda's support of the Clarity line, would you still purchase the vehicle.

    Thanks for your review and insight!
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    Honda has a strong track record as a manufacturer, and I expect them to maintain good customer service for the Clarity (as with their other cars; not perfect, but as good as any manufacturer).

    I don't think we should over-interpret their decision to ship remaining end-of-year inventory to the market that has the best sales incentives and demand. Perhaps that will make the 2020 Clarity PHEV more profitable for them, nationwide.
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    I recently purchased a used 9,000 mile Clarity. We like it so much I would say yes, we would purchase it again. Check back in 5 years, we may feel differently, lol.
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  4. 2002

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    It's not normal end of year normal marketing. The Clarity PHEV was released nationwide for the 2018 model year, approximately 23,000 were shipped to all fifty states. For the 2019 model year things changed radically. At the beginning of the year they shipped approximately 1,000 vehicles but only to the ten ZEV states, after that all shipments of the remaining approximately 4,000 built this year for the U.S. have gone only to California. There were also maybe just under 1,000 shipped to Canada at some time during the year also.

    I would say based on what they have done with distribution in 2019 the Clarity was not profitable nationwide, not even in ZEV states. The only place they can make a profit on it is California and Canada. Any other explanation for what we have seen would be more likely to be the over-interpretation.
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    Lots of us bought, or plan to buy the extended warranty, why wouldn't Honda honor that, for at least the next 8-10 years?

    I leased in Feb, 19, and might settle down to a rational life now keeping this one for at least three years, if not buying it out for $14k at the end of the lease. Like some others, I got very caught up in hopping from model to model to experience all the PHEV, EV, I could get (Volt, both gen 1, gen 2, and Bolt), but now I think I'm settled into the comfort of Clarity for a while, possibly a long while (but never say never :) )

    I assume that if repairs get long, at least while still under warranty they give you a decent loaner (?). Has anyone had a Honda (or, any other model) that could not be repaired while under warranty (not a lemon, but say parts not available after some years)? What did the company do if they could not repair the vehicle?
  6. 2002

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    There are cases of other manufacturers having orphan cars that they stopped supporting with parts, but I think it was usually at very small numbers like a particular version of a car that wound up only being produced in the hundreds or a few thousand. Some parts were shared with more popular models so in that case it wasn't a problem, but there were certain parts that you hoped didn't break because they were unavailable. In most cases however even though manufacturers are technically limited only to warranty, most typically produce parts for up to about ten years. With Clarity volume at about 30,000 so far I don't foresee them stopping support. Making a hundred people mad is one thing, making 30,000 mad would be another.

    What I do expect is parts not being stocked or quickly available which we have seen already, parts sometimes come in relatively quickly, but in some cases it can take weeks. For those who keep their Clarity for a really long time there will eventually be used parts available, some are already available now from totals.
  7. insightman

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    I needed a new set of gear-shift cables for my 2006 Honda Insight. Nope. No longer available from Honda and sold out at every dealer in the country. I had to get a set of used cables on ebay. So start worrying about parts availability when your Clarity turns 13.

    Based on the current difficulty in obtaining Clarity windshields, you should purchase a Clarity windshield and put it in the attic. Having a spare means you'll probably never break your windshield and your new-old stock windshield will be worth big bucks in 20 years when someone is looking to restore their vintage Clarity. It's unlikely there will be a third-party windshield supplier for this low-volume car.
  8. 2002

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    I actually thought about that at one point but of course the logistics make it nearly impossible, assuming you didn't break it while carrying it down to the basement or wherever. I'm not much into letter writing campaigns but if this keeps up much longer we may need to start writing en masse to Honda that they need to start stocking windshields in their U.S. warehouses. I'm still holding out hope that Safelite will start manufacturing them like they do for other Honda windshields, but with total sales now stalled at around 30,000 that is seeming less likely, but hopefully it will happen. Actually it is more likely Safelite will start making them only after Honda stops making them.
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  9. eneka

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    Iirc manufacturer are required by law to support cars for at least 10 years. Most will make parts for them longer than that, but 10yrs is the minimum. Perhaps they're trying to move production stateside?
  10. 2002

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    That is a widespread belief although it is not the case. There are laws only for warranty periods and I think California also has rules about supporting emissions equipment.

    As I mentioned although not legally obligated most car makers usually go up to about ten years. After that they will still sometimes make a few specific parts based on demand.
  11. craze1cars

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    Common myth. Federal law in Us essentially requires they support parts, or provide replacement vehicle, for duration of warranty period only. And for emissions parts it’s 8 years.

    Honda has no obligation beyond that.
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