Proximate cause liability for the petrol industry and lead in the gas

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Mar 1, 2018.

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    NY is thinking of using the records of the petrol industry to make the Petrol pay in a ratio metric way for the cost of fortifying and repairing the city against rising sea tides based on each companies carbon expenditure.

    Now I know that petrol gave us the start of the industrial era. There was no apparent alternative earlier on. But I also want to express how reprehensible and evil the behavior of the industry appeared to be over time. Its not just the endless wars that functioned as bailouts long after the need for petrol ceased logically or how it was used to reinforce artificial scarcity or all the lung damage or all the externality damage it did globally. Its not just that it couldn't have had a more corrupt property model. It was literally what woman you could impregnate tied to paper tied to land tied to racism tied to more paper tied to taxes to keep a non self sustaining industry afloat to the tune of possibly 100-200 trillion dollars or more in today's dollars in direct state subsidies since its start not including the much higher indirect externality costs and not including the increasingly destabilizing bailouts (disguised as wars or financial collapses) which it has always been in constant need of. But it was much much worse than even this in an important way.

    Supposedly lead went into the gas in 1925 to help with engine knock or for some profit oriented reason and it stayed in the gas for 61 years. 30 years later we had Cointelpro to wage war on minorities an put then in for profit private prisons where possible- a nod to the South. But adding the lead to the gas dropped the IQ of the average American by an estimated 3 points and made us much more violent and criminal- our board rooms have become criminal bribe based pieces of sht. Supposedly the impact of lead in the gas is about the strongest sociological effect ever measured in that it turned places like Chicago into murder capitals with a Chicago per state whereas just across the river Cananda's Windsor had almost no violence by comparative standards and a crime free inner city due to no lead in the gas. This lack of lead in the gas is supposedly why the EU suffered much less in the way of inner city crime and why inner cities there are much more affluent (remember we also chose AC over DC.) It was a much stronger effect than Roe v. Wade on crime when the drop off started occurring- that is its drop off effect was much stronger- but not we didn't decelerate our incarceration rate in the US (highest in the world in response.) Was lead in the gas part of cointelpro? Really, why put for instance 2400 metric tons of led in the gas in the US in 1986 alone. Think of what happened with the lead in the pipes in Flint. Think this is an accident? I don't and I think the petrol industry needs to pay for it with the proximate cause catching up to in a case of long over due unlimited liability.

    An easy starting place would be stripping the petrol industry of its massive subsidies. If for instance as in the case of just a few years ago the petrol industry took in its 1.2 trillion in revenue but received 1.6 trillion in direct state subsides, at the very least the subsides should be reduced so the industry runs at cost- so that a few years ago the subsidies would have been reduced by 400 billion per year. It needs to happen that its gets frozen like the SEC did with Wells Fargo, but permanently. Use the difference to pursue its prosecution.

    Most of the trouble in the world comes from the artificial scarcity induced by this obsolete ultra corrupt industry. Its welfare barons were paid off a long long time ago. And they shouldn't have any wealth for the kinds of things that they did for that wealth including lead in the gasoline, stealing Iraq's oil by way of 911 plus genocide and countless other travesties including over throwing the democratic government of Iran. Carter nationalized US petrol profit for a decade for their embargo coup against the US but ironically they used Iran in a coup against him. Even without the climate change hypothesis the power and money behind petrol (and that is what it has been a technology of control the worst kind of tribute type tax on humanity) needs to be liquidated.

    The petrol fuel/energy industry is a criminal industry and it needs criminal prosecution until it is no more. Trump saying the so called Energy industry (Petrol) was in shambles was ridiculous like saying a genocidal criminal conspiracy was in shambles and in need of control. Like lamenting over the 3rd Reich being in shambles and wanting to repair it. Look at what kind of corruption and criminality the petrol industry contributes its welfare based ill gotten cash aid to. In a just society the kind of politicians its gives revolving door money to would be locked up doing long term prison sentences with total asset forfeiture not walking around free and not in office or through the sponsor perp walk running for phony public offices.
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