Proper Way to Address Dealer Complaint

Discussion in 'Honda' started by Eddie t, Nov 23, 2018.

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  1. Eddie t

    Eddie t New Member

    So, the whole thing began when I purchased my Clarity plug in, in El Monte Honda. I had a great experience with them, and got an okay price on the car, which was 32k. 4 months into owning the car, i was involved in a total loss accident which totaled the car. During that time, i ran into a "friend" of mine, who said he would of been able to get me the car for 31k. So I went to the dealership he worked at, Galpin Honda in Mission Hills. I told him what happened and he said he would get me back into the same car and to not contact any other dealership because of their high ratings and stock and that his manager would take care of me. He also made it same like i would have trouble getting approved for the financing since i didnt have any down for the second vehicle, but he said his manager would take care of everything. Come the day of purchasing the vehicle, the contract read 35k. He was going over everything and i decided to keep quiet about the price because i just wanted my car back, and he made it seem as if they were helping me when it came to the financing. Needless to say, they stuck on a service contract onto my purchase, which i didnt want. i went to the dealership the next day to cancel, and after the finance manager tried to convince me to keep it for almost an hour, we finally signed the paper to cancel the contract. Now, 4 months later, the paper work was never processed, and the sales manager who assisted me is now ignoring me. I've contact honda customer service and they basically said they couldnt do anything about it...
    What are my options ?
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  3. Brian Harrison

    Brian Harrison New Member

    Depending on your state better business bureau, small claims court or Secretary of State/consumer affairs are avenues. Bad internet reviews can often spur action too.
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  4. Write a letter to the president of Honda. They deal with things differently when they are in writing

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  5. James123

    James123 New Member

    Talk to the local TV station and ask if they will do a report on story. Nothing works faster than a bad word of mouth, and if they don't fix the problem then they will be losing a lot of business.

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