Proof that the tide is turning

Discussion in 'General' started by Bruce M., Jun 8, 2021.

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  1. Per the Detroit News, Ford has built more Mustang Mach Es than ICE Mustangs so far this year. And even so, the wait to get one is still "months.:
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  3. turtleturtle

    turtleturtle Active Member

    Now, are they going to make any money off of them? If yes, they’re finding their golden goose.

    I do wonder how the dealerships feel about it.
  4. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    I didn't know that they still made the ICE Mustang.
  5. I think in the long run the Mach E will be very profitable, assuming the car doesn't prove to have problems we don't yet know about. But I'm sure in the ramp-up phase they don't expect profits yet. They're just establishing themselves in the EV market and persuade buyers to go electric. But the fact that six months after introduction they are still selling them faster than they can build them is a good sign.

    Ford may also benefit from the delayed introduction of the Nissan Ariya -- if they can build enough Mach-Es to meet demand.
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  6. Recoil45

    Recoil45 Active Member

    So you are comparing an impractical sports car to a mainstream family SUV and declaring victory?

    Does not make sense.

    I could post up the stats for F150 sales vs the Mach-e and declare a victory for had powered cars.

    It would be better to compare Mach-e sales to the explorer after the initial Mach-e pre-order rush is over.

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  8. Recoil45

    Recoil45 Active Member

    The Mach-e is not a Mustang or sports car. It's an SUV.

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  9. The Mustang (traditional ICE coupe & convertible) is an icon with a longstanding fan base that easily outsold a number of SUVs in the first quarter, including the Nissan Murano, Jeep Renegade, Kia Niro and Mazda CX 30. If the Mach-e outsells it (which it isn't doing yet in the U.S. but is in a number of foreign markets), hell yes that's a milestone.

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