Proof that GM is a fail convincingly company on EVs

Discussion in 'Chevrolet' started by 101101, Jul 1, 2018.

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    Here is Brook Crothers on

    "I blame GM to some extent. In eight years -- since the Volt went on sale in December of 2010 -- I've never seen a national GM TV advertising campaign that features the Volt (or the Bolt EV for that matter). And only a fraction of Chevy dealerships -- even in 2018 -- around the country sell more than a couple Volts a month (if that)."

    Now I think advertising is lame and want tot see the ad industry eliminated with intelligent un-sponsored (sponsorship is about censorship and how you lose your rights) decentralized semantic search but GM advertises products it expects to sell and it did zero for EVs and as Musk pointed out it only sold a compliance amount of Bolts. Actually he predicted the number precisely before it happened (despite GM's lying management BS) and as I've said many times I believe their AV strategy is total BS and behind the scenes have long been setting up to peddle re-branded Waymo tech as their own.

    In my mind GM is an incredibly stupid company run by stupid people that absolutely deserves to be bankrupt and liquidated as a huge public service. I've owned a few GM products and will never ever own another and can't wait to see them go.

    I see Tesla's market value is up above GM's again, hope to see it soon eclipse BMW's another stupid laggard company that deserves bankruptcy, but really hope it doubles GM market value soon, its already worth 100x-1000x as much in real terms as its a net positive on the future of the world whereas GM is still a huge net negative and its history with stuff like being the originator of lead in the gas is off the charts negative.
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