Production version of the EQC to be revealed in Geneva

Discussion in 'EQC' started by Domenick, Feb 16, 2018.

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  1. Mercedes is about to show us its first real all-electric vehicle for the masses (with apologies to the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive from 2012).

    I'm pretty excited about this, since it's their first real shot at the EV market. Will be interesting to see how big a battery they went with and what it will look like without the camouflage. I don't think it will have the sex appeal of the Jaguar iPace, but it could be an interesting alternative to the Tesla Model X.

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  3. Brademcee

    Brademcee New Member

    Did Mercedes end up showing the EQC at Geneva? There was nothing in the Mercedes Geneva press releases about the EQC and no pictures of it on the show floor. Just curious.

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  4. This was the biggest disappointment of the show.
    Mercedes has said, "it will show the first series-production model from the electric EQ brand." So, we assumed it would show the EQC, because that had been the EQ model they had shown the concept of, and had been spottted in camo.

    Instead, what did we get? Smart cars are now part of the EQ brand.
  5. Mike Kerns

    Mike Kerns New Member

    Looks really promising, but I don't understand why they even built the 250e? Seemed liked a nice little car only needed a longer range for being All-Electric.
  6. Hard to say why, exactly, they did the 250e. Maybe they wanted to put a stake in the ground and be able to say they were one of the first to offer an electric option? Open to other suggestions.
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