Problems with Driver distraction settings on our new Clarity, Please help!

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Dr. Robert Cohen, Apr 9, 2018.

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  1. Dr. Robert Cohen

    Dr. Robert Cohen New Member

    05E53F15-E1FC-432C-A5D6-ACC53A3E19AA.jpeg F35E92ED-3E9E-4FE9-8CA3-34DAA097CA18.jpeg A918272D-B44B-4F4A-86F7-4D0DD28D21B4.jpeg 5FE18376-293E-4EC2-87B8-0E01539F2372.jpeg Greetings everyone, we are the proud owners of a 2018 clarity hybrid plug-in in green with tan interior.I have been driving the car for a day with no problems entering navigation information, adjusting the climate control, and other adjustments while driving. This morning, while my wife plugged her car in to connect to Apple CarPlay, some form of menu appeared and she assumed it was access to her phone but after connecting her phone to the Apple CarPlay she lost the ability, while driving, to make many adjustments to the AC system, navigation, and many other aspects of the user interface. While I have heard that other Hondas have similar issues, there has always been a way to enter the sub system through the head unit and to turn it off. However, I have attempted and watched several videos of other Honda's but these do not seem to turn off the distracted driver system setting on the clarity. In fact we cannot seem to find the actual toggle switch to turn it off. Can anyone help? The car was not doing this for the first few days and now it is much less enjoyable to drive. There is no reference to this in the manual or way to turn it off. By the way, when we stop at a light or in traffic, the system is now accessible but is soon as you start to move, everything grays out. Thanks so much in advance.
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  3. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    All of those restrictions are so annoying. That is part of the reason we don't use Android Auto.
  4. Dr. Robert Cohen

    Dr. Robert Cohen New Member

    Thanks but how do you bypass this?
  5. Dr. Robert Cohen

    Dr. Robert Cohen New Member

    Looks like you can’t use Apple CarPlay either when car is moving...
  6. Kendalf

    Kendalf Active Member

    In Android Auto (not sure for Apple CarPlay) hitting the lower right button in the Android Auto interface (looks like an analog gauge) brings up the option to "Return to Honda". This then restores the normal Honda infotainment screen. Hitting the Android Auto icon then switches back.

    For climate control settings, you should be able to hit the Climate button below the screen to open the climate control screen, right?

    I don't believe there is any way to remove the distracted driver setting while within Android Auto or Apple Carplay as that is a feature of the respective app, not a Honda setting.


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  8. Dr. Robert Cohen

    Dr. Robert Cohen New Member

    I’ll check this out! Thank you. Funny enough, she forgot her phone today and she stated all was back to normal. She then deleted her Apple CarPlay profile and declined Honda’s emergency calling feature at start up. We’ll see if this helps. Thanks again
  9. rodeknyt

    rodeknyt Active Member

    Try turning off the "Do Not Disturb" setting on the iPhone. That may be what is causing this issue.
  10. Jason Kam

    Jason Kam Member

    How did you customize that screen?? Never seen that before!?!

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  11. Kendalf

    Kendalf Active Member

    Here's the link to the thread with instructions on changing to this alternative "skin" for the infotainment screen. This was one of the first things I did when I got the car and I've completely forgotten that this isn't the default screen! In fact, I can't even remember what the default screen looks like!
    Center Display Screen "Skins"
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