Problem with the notion that the factory could be too automated

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Apr 14, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    That is an incredibly annoying headline from Tesla and Musk. Implication is that there was a conveyor belt system that wasn't up to the job. That sounds too reminiscent of what supposedly went right and then wrong at Saturn. Also that kind of system isn't is it? Go in a UPS distribution system, its nothing but a Space Mountain style conveyor system. What does Intel use? What does Amazon use?

    If you watched the video you can see at the assembly component level stuff travels from station to station on its own. Surely they don't have people pushing stuff around in the factory. There are new videos on the automated line driven pallets that Amazon uses.
    How different would it be or could it be when the speed of the assembly and Musk's talk of meeting challenges and being quicker and doing more with less to meet the global threat is in line?

    If could print the car in a faber it wouldn't be going anywhere. We've heard that he dialed down ambitions for the Model Y in terms of how far to push the process. We do remember he said the same about Model X but this has been radically more successful than that launch but still. Its getting better. But what is it you can have humans doing? They can't be there to move parts from one location to the next and have that as the bottleneck. There has to be a way to get that right without having people do it.

    Think of the contradiction here too. Self driving cars but can't move parts in the factory. He did say the factory was way more of a challenge than the car. I don't get Toyota, maybe they are just making room for Panasonic but there is nothing stupider than them pushing hybrid and saying its an electric car you don't have to plug in. Seems beyond stupid.
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