Prize giveaway for EV App testers!

Discussion in 'General' started by Cameron Brown, Jul 6, 2023.

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  1. Cameron Brown

    Cameron Brown New Member

    Hi everyone,

    ClearWatt are giving away one £50 Amazon Voucher in a prize draw every two weeks to participants who download our app and complete our battery health test.

    Here's what we've built:

    An app-based software system designed to independently validate the range capability of an electric vehicle, which we see as key to unlocking the used EV space by providing comfort and confidence on battery health and overall performance as EVs age.

    Here's what we need from you:

    1. Download our app and set up your account

    2. Add your vehicle by its registration

    3. Run our app passively in the background when doing 3 independent drives in your EV - anywhere, anytime

    4. Validate your results and let us know how they compare to your driving experience

    1. You must be a UK EV driver

    2. To be entered into the prize draw you must complete the entire testing process, finishing all three drives and providing us with your feedback. Your opinions matter the most!
    For those who wish to sign up please use this link and fill out the form at the bottom of our website. Our first giveaway will be on Friday 21st July.

    Good luck!
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