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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. NaughtyNeutron

    NaughtyNeutron New Member

    Checking in with the forum, I got the below quotes (Final Out the door includes 6% tax + $305 dealer doc fees)
    Base - 30828
    Touring 34220

    Does this check out? they have a few color options.
  2. TeeVee

    TeeVee New Member

    Sorry, forgot to mention that. 33K before TTL is for the base model.
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  3. ukon

    ukon Member

    Try concord honda. $31.5k with Honda financing. I think there is room for another $500 down at elk grove. But they do not have base version now.
  4. Gordon Lupien

    Gordon Lupien New Member

    Picking it up today... Touring $31,500, which included $895 destination fee... $33,725 out the door prior to rebates/credits. Difference was about $870 in dealer fees + reg, and tax. Bottom line for me, with the $8,000 trade was $25,725 "out of pocket". Minus the NYS Rebate of $1,700 and future $7,500 tax credit = $16,525! Wow.
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  5. dnb

    dnb Active Member

    I bought from Manly Honda in Santa Rosa. Might check their pricing. Was a good 3k cheaper than my close dealer. Was like 31k for base. Turing model isn't really worth it, just has leather wheel and seats with memory settings, good if you swap drivers a lot, but for ~3k its a lot.
  6. Brian Harrison

    Brian Harrison New Member

    Just bought base from Casey at Ron Bouchards in MA. 27,795 including destination + 495 doc and TTL.
  7. lanb

    lanb Active Member

    That seems quite high. May be better off waiting for 2019 model or checking to see if any North east dealers will give you a deal.
    Make sure you mention that you WILL NOT be registering the car in their home state.
  8. skhoibidoo

    skhoibidoo New Member

    Spent the last 3 weeks looking for a deal on a 2018 Clarity Touring in the Los Angeles/OC area. Most dealers were in the $33.5-34K range before tax and fees. Finally scored this weekend a Touring for $32,600 - $500 University of California affiliate rebate. OTD price was a bit under $35,800. I wish west coast dealers would drop their price like the east coast dealers.

    Thank you all for the tip on the VIN# (to see how long the car has been sitting on the lot vs other cars) and for the person who posted the $500 UC rebate link!
  9. dnb

    dnb Active Member

    Seriously its crazy to see the deals they get over there... Super jealous :D
  10. skhoibidoo

    skhoibidoo New Member

    I wonder if they keep the price high because of the high demand for carpool stickers in CA.
  11. DucRider

    DucRider Active Member

    This very likely is at least partly due to the changes in traveling credits for Section 177 States. Until 2018, it didn't matter which Section 177 State they sold a vehile in as the credits transferred easily and there were no separate minimums in different regions. They sell (lease) the BEV in CA (& OR), but need to earn ZEV credits in each region. The BEV (and PHEV demand?) covers them in CA, but they apparently need additional incentives in the East Coast States to get the volume they need.
  12. Dan Albrich

    Dan Albrich Active Member

    I paid about $35,100 for Touring late September 2018. Actual cost rose to include .05 percent luxury tax on all new vehicles in my town, and mandatory 4 year DMV fees. So out the door cost was closer to $36000. In addition, I separately decided to buy 8 year 120,000 mile honda care at about $1550. So I paid close to MSRP or maybe a little over the $37500 MSRP, but got warranty included for that cost. Local dealer impossible but they were willing to price-match and internet quote.

    Of course, planning on 10,000 in rebate/incentive. i.e. 7500 fed, 2500 state.
  13. Alex0913

    Alex0913 Member

    What state?
  14. Linkmodo

    Linkmodo Member

    I live in Miami and not so lucky to get those well below MSRP prices. I paid $34400 Out Of The Door for Base model few days ago here in Miami, Florida.

    I also got a quote from Costco Auto for $31499 asking price, and OTD price is around $34800.

    There is not much incentives in Florida, I feel like we are living in Stone Age.. The clarity sale is very slow here. I went to one dealer last week and they said they haven’t sold a single Clarity and all 6 they had in stock has been relocated out of state to California or something.
  15. Dan Albrich

    Dan Albrich Active Member

    Oh, sorry-- I'm in Oregon. -Dan
    And I should of said ".5 percent" for the luxury new car tax here.
  16. DucRider

    DucRider Active Member

    Don't forget to apply for your $2,500 Oregon rebate:
    You have 6 mos fro the date of purchase/lease to apply, and applications will be processed in the order received. This is where some of the .05% "Privilege Tax" on all new vehicle sales goes (it's not a luxury tax but is applied to all vehicles).

    If you are at or below 120% of median household income for the county that you live in (Portland Metro = ~$98K), you can get another $2,500 for a total of $5K. The DEQ is still working to get their contractor administering the program set up, but the first check should be going out in April(ish).
  17. TeeVee

    TeeVee New Member

    So you mean to buy it from the North East and have it shipped to California? I read elsewhere that the 2019 is the pretty much the same as 2018. Won't they sell close to MSRP when they first come out? Still stuck at 33K + TTL - 1K financing incentive. You think 2019 will be near that price at release?
  18. lanb

    lanb Active Member

    Yes have it shipped or fly out there to pick the vehicle up and drive back. As I said, the big catch is you will not be registering in the NE state.
    This may be an issue in getting those super low prices.

    As for 2019, even if the prices and model are same, you will have probably have a better resale value just because it will be considered 1 year younger :). I am surprised Honda hasn't announced 2019 details yet. Hope they don't scrap the model due to the low sales :)
  19. Brian Harrison

    Brian Harrison New Member

    You have to register in the ZEV state for the dealer to get the $3k incentive cash driving the lower prices. Not to say you can get a better deal shopping past state borders. And sales are more than on pace as Honda stated a 4 year goal of 75,000 total clarity sales. Not the only 2018 Honda still getting delivered to dealers. And the only one that's fully imported.
  20. skhoibidoo

    skhoibidoo New Member

    I received several PM inquiring about the dealership where I got the Clarity Touring for $32,600+fees so I'm sharing the info here as well.

    Manuel Avila
    Internet Sales Manager
    AutoNation Honda Costa Mesa
    2888 Harbor Blvd.
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626

    Here are the dealers I contacted:

    Torrance - Wanted $33500 but willing to match at $32,900 + fees because I told them I spoke to someone in the area who told me they purchased the car at that price. Came back at the last minute saying that there will be $895 of add-ons fees for all weather mats, cargo tray and mud guards ( all can be purchased for less than $300 online). A bit rude too.

    Gardena - Would only match if I show them another dealer quote. Kept emailing me every day.
    Culver City - $33500+ I didn't bother negotiating
    Santa Monica - Lowest was $33400. There was room for negotiation.
    Cerritos - $33k-34k. Didn't bother
    Carson - $33k-34k. Didn't bother
    Airport - $33k-35k. Didn't bother
    Westminster - Willing to sell at $32800 but was taking too long to respond
    Costa Mesa - $32600. Very responsive via texts/emails. The main manager on site that day (I forgot his name) was a bit rude but best deal out of all the dealerships around me.

    My advise is to negotiate everything online. Make sure you ask for the final price with all the fees and no additional dealer add-ons and have them email you the breakdown so you don''t have to waste time negotiating at the dealership.

    The VIN# also helps. Look for the last 5 digits. The newest one would be around 16000+ as of now. Ours was 8000 something and when I asked the guy how long it had been on the lot, he said since April so maybe that's why I was able to get that price. They had 3 black Touring and I asked for the one with the highest VIN# which was the newest one out of the three.

    Note: Just an FYI, I thought tax would be cheaper if I bought the car in OC (tax at 7.75% i think) but the sale tax goes by zip code and ours is in LA county so I had to pay the LA county rate.
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