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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Chanks

    Chanks New Member

    I sure hope I'm reading it correctly. I mailed my paperwork on Monday, so I'll let you know how long it takes.
  2. Texas22Step

    Texas22Step Active Member

    I think the TCEQ web page does indicate that 87% of the funds are still available for grant. I have been following this since it was first posted and received TCEQ's check for the $2,500 Clarity PHEV grant in about 7-8 weeks time after filing my paperwork back in June. While this TCEQ stat is encouraging, it might be worth a call to them (go to the "contact us" tab on the page linked in the previous post) to see how many applications have been filed but not fully processed yet. If the length of that list is relatively short (i.e., less than a few hundred in front of your application), you should be good to go. However, if that list for pending PHEV applications is much over 1,500, then you may be too late for the $ since their system is first-come, first-served. That said, and given what we hear as background on this forum and other sources for 2018 Clarity sales rates nationally, and since they exclude non-Texas dealer purchases (including Tesla), my guess is that you should be fine.
  3. su_A_ve

    su_A_ve Active Member

    Honda Care has plans for new cars and used. These are new car prices and coverage is from the date of purchase until the stated plan's mileage/months since original purchase date.

    Used car plans are based on purchase date and have a specific mileage and length of time and are a bit more restricted.

    You have up until 6 months or 6000 miles from purchase date to get a new vehicle Honda Care plan.
  4. Kilroy

    Kilroy New Member

    I just paid $34,234 for a silver touring, no extras and no dealer added accessories/options, and included the $200 dealer handling fee. I did the 36 month, 0.9% financing. I'm getting Honda OEM all weather mats & mud flaps online. Also using a local detailer for door guards & window tint.
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  5. NewtoHonda

    NewtoHonda New Member

    Wow is that OTD? Which state are you in?
  6. RickSE

    RickSE Active Member

    8EA5C1D7-C30B-4427-A4DE-C82398019319.png Just saw $5,700 off of msrp down in Rhode Island. And I thought I got a great deal last week for $4,600 off msrp! Then another $10k in rebates and tax credits.
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  7. Arthur Picard

    Arthur Picard New Member

    I checked there 3 weeks ago before I bought, they only had 2 Touring models in stock, now it's only 1 silver one. They must be clearing out to make room for 2019s
  8. RickSE

    RickSE Active Member

    I saw that as well. However anyone can take that page to another dealer and see if they will match it. I’m satisfied with my price but continue to be amazed at how inexpensive this car can be.
  9. Kilroy

    Kilroy New Member

    Yes OTD, does not include sales taxes which are paid at DMV. I'm Missouri. I basically went to every dealer's website within 250 miles to see who had vehicles I wanted & then requested their "ePrice". Several were within +/- $400 of $35,000. All had disclaimers that it didn't include dealer installed accessories. Follow up calls with their internet division got answers. A couple offered to negotiate the price of those & several offered to find a car that I wanted that didnt yet have dealer installed accessories added yet... if we could agree on a price.

    I'm sure as it gets closer to fall, Honda will be more aggressive in moving 2019's. In Missouri, Claritys do not seem to be moving and I find when you go into a dealer, rarely does a sales person know anything much about these cars. They try to steer you to an Accord hybrid which they know much more about. Good luck !
  10. Ben Washburn

    Ben Washburn Member

    I just bought a Touring for $33,209, inclusive of the Honda delivery fee. That does not include any other fees, taxes, or title, or any of the various credits I'll get. So based on the 'full' MSRP of $37,490 that's a discount of $4,281. Then I got another $500 off for military and they added door edge guards.
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  11. Bravo1231

    Bravo1231 New Member

    Yup I saw this a few days after I got my base clarity! Wish I didn’t look but hey that’s life.
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  12. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I don't know why I keep coming back to this thread after paying full price in early December. The biggest reason, I guess, is to see the effect of the glut of unsold Clarity PHEVs on the deals offered. I wonder how Honda will price the 2019 Clarity, which both Car & Driver and Motor Trend report will be exactly the same as the 2018 model?
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  13. PJY

    PJY New Member

    I am being offered $32000 for touring model from dealer in TX (including tax, title, license and dealer accessories which include honda protection package, ultimate honda protection package, lifetime warranty window tint and 24-hr roadside assistance). I live in KS so I'm not sure how 'tax' would work. Do I need to pay taxes in TX or in KS? What if he makes me pay $32K, and then I need to pay taxes in KS as well?

    Reading through this forum, this price seems too good to be true. So I'm skeptical.
  14. Ben Washburn

    Ben Washburn Member

    It seems too good to be true to me too, but who knows? Is it truly 'new' or maybe has it been a demo or press car for the last 9 months? Even if it is and has 5,000 miles on it, if it includes all that great warranty stuff it still sounds like a great deal to me. Which may be exactly why they're tossing in all that warranty.

    As far as the taxes go, I think it's probably irrelevant if that's a true price--but I think the general rule is you pay tax appropriate to the state in which you register the car.
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  15. w0lfy

    w0lfy New Member

    Mind sharing which so cal dealer you worked with? I looked earlier in August and couldn't really get close to that so I stopped for a bit as I'm not much in a hurry. Appreciate it!
  16. SkyGuy

    SkyGuy New Member

    This is a fantastic price. I'd like to know any further info. I'm in the market for a Clarity and am just starting to shop around in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.
  17. NewtoHonda

    NewtoHonda New Member

    may I know which dealer gave you that quote? It is too good to be true. I got mine from Houston and worked with a few dealers in Dallas but did not get anywhere close to that quote. If you are getting it and all seems fine then you should go ahead and jump on it. I assume the dealer will help you register the car in KS and will charge you the appropriate taxes.
  18. NewtoHonda

    NewtoHonda New Member

    Here in TX - OTD means including all taxes, fees, title - the final amount you will pay. Not sure what you mean by "paid at DMV" - in texas the dealer takes care of that. TTL - etc would be around 2k I suppose - then I had a similar quote in TX. BTW - I got my base clarity OTD 34,100 - including every thing - so what you got is similar.
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  19. Parja

    Parja New Member

    Anyone in or around Wisconsin have any info to share on buying a Clarity?

    I got some TrueCar quotes from nearby dealerships. $34,581 (before TTL) from Wilde Honda in Waukesha seems to be the best deal so far.
  20. NewtoHonda

    NewtoHonda New Member

    I assume its for a Touring - then that seems OK and you might be able to negotiate even further. If its for a base then its too high an you can do better. I would suggest try getting equotes from dealers that you will be willing to drive-to to get a deal.

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