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Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Nov 1, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Fraud media keeps trying to assert take private tweet had no basis in fact. It surely did have such a basis but would likely require a betrayal of confidence or violation of NDA. But captured media wants to assert otherwise because the short thesis is destroyed if the money was present and they want to build on their bs character assassination which anyone who can think can see doesn't hold water.

    Also new suit sponsored (captured) media keeps trying to headline against Tesla seems stupid- guy that works for (dealer) or Tesla's competition runs a Tesla into a parked car at 80mph then wants blame Tesla. Is a court really equipped to see if this wasn't just more bs set up to make it seem like AV tech isn't happening and damage Tesla at the same time? Really hope Tesla investigates this one hard- do with Robert Mueller did when he found out a group was trying to pay women to falsely accuse him- open an inquiry and if they hit gag orders find a way to create needed transparency regardless.

    Article is the same bs they run constantly which amounts to they (Tesla fossil fuel opponents) will get paid off government or a dirty court to shut down the competition they face in Tesla.

    Need a way of reporting on the media that leads to financial losses when they lie along with stigma. Pravda threads around the net if well tended could do that.
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Saw a Boomberg article calling for stricter Musk sanctions attributed to "Tesla Investors" which again is a lie because those so called investors
    are really competitors or fossil fuel shills or banking shills that will lose massively if Tesla collapses the insurance (derivatives) on stranded petrol asset debts. Tesla is a pin to that bubble of slavery and the austerity garbage and bail-ins it would unleash but we just need the courage todo the right thing and make the culprits eat the costs of their blunders instead of being able to pass it on and do it again. They are also trying to say it is pensioners and UAW people. Again these are the same pension firms that are screwing over their pensions holding the pensions hostage with tons of stranded petrol asset derivative garbage, same ones (even one from CA) very likely doubling down on chronic loser petrol assets and passing on the losses in terms of higher pension contributions and lower pension pay outs to cushion the next petrol fall and help provide for the never ending non stop continuous fossil fuel bailouts. Business insider tried to push the same BS article but tried to throw in the total of the ransomed fund as if it were run on behalf of the pensioners and then they have some fund manager who is presumably part of the scam running his mouth about Tesla and Musk.

    We need the courage to make the culprits absorb their losses and not socialize them with criminal austerity- we need the courage to claw back all of the austerity pays outs with interest back to the begging and honestly adjust the ledgers. Instead of having so angry silver spooner Caucasian male screaming during crash that ordinary people need to take 2 jobs full time jobs for half the pay he needs to absorb the losses from his stupid investments- I literally heard this play out on NPR during the panic of the crash.
  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Liam Denning wrote an article for Bloomberg whining about Tesla ZEV credits. Well maybe he should remember that fossil fuel profit and dividends would be non existent across its life span (industry wouldn't exist) if not for colossal but hidden public subsidies and bail out wars and ransomed private debt on stranded assets hidden under derivatives but with the costs passed on in austerity and with greatly reduced services public and private but with much higher passed along costs. And because these losses are cumulative its now put the US economic power at risk because even as the US claims to have shifted to domestic fossil fuel production and even to be in a position to export, the added costs for a fossil fuel energy based economy compared to a green economy are so much it cant compete on cost of goods and must hide behind tarrifs to delay the inevitable. This is not even including the fossil fuel externalities which include corrupting the whole political system, capturing the media and hocking the future.

    Verge tries to suggest Musk is luke warm on going after Ford because he may be too willing to go radical on stylying. This is incredibly stupid BS even for anti Tesla shill rag the Verge. Even if the styling may be too great for some the specs and design will shame Ford and cause people to hold off on F series purchases. Same as the Roadster hits fossil fuel halo cars but for trucks. It may be an issue of volume and access, but it follows Tesla pattern. Sell to top then move to volume. Regardless it will still shatter Ford as a brand and its already wobbly.
    The Tesla Blade Runner type truck compared to a Ford F Series will be like comparing a 2018 4K Smart Screen to a Tube TV from 2006.
    Model Y will already be creating massive exposure for Ford. But the Blade Runner Pick Up will cause instant defection of much of the F250 and F350 crowd and massive deposits for Tesla and cause F150 owners to hold off for their down market equivalent (pick up equivalent of of Model 3 or Model Y) and this will start from the first prototype showings which could be like the first new Roasdster debut was but alongside the production debut of the Semi and new Roadsters. Image a launch event where Tesla has rides for all 3 at once. In the Recode Article Musk noted there is a good chance Ford won't make it through the next recission. This is reality but a bunch of shill analysts tried to say they didn't accept this.

    Kara Swisher doesn't seem to understand that speech is broken in the country and the media has been captured through sponsorship (pure evil) and because of this law has been captured and money has been broken for 5 decades. She doesnt get that the mainstream media (should not exist as mainstream- it is not there to form consensus) is a prositute that sells out the public and is there to mislead the public for pay and is self righteous and thinks the corruption beyond reproach. It isn't! The media needs massive reform because it is so broken and radically consolidated- allowing a sponsored media is also part of what led to 6 firms controlling the US media- and we give these same shill parasites money to censor which candidates with can have on the front end- literally giving money to the people who enable to corruption of money in politics and they under sponsorship are just there to perpetuate that problem and lie and censor and drown out. They make possible to put psychopaths and sociopaths in the lime light and make it seem like the choices were narrowed down to them. The us media is either hard right or fake left waiting for the tragic sell out but in both cases is nothing but a mouth piece for rent seeking and making people into property- could see this with sell out on Sanders in favor of Hillary's right of Regan agenda. The sell out left is worse than the right. People who lie to the public for money put everyone's lives at risk. How much tolerance should there be for that? If it is allowed rule of law is lost. There are quelling and enforce-ability issues but it is a matter of life and death for everyone. Stuff like 911 is possible and goes unaddressed because of this issue and its a slippery slope. Imagine if the antebellum South could have relied on a liar based media to pull off a single false flag to keep its slaving going. That is what their fossil fuel progenitors did- over and over again because of it enabled by captured media- there has been no justice on stuff like 911 because sponsored media is like a blanket public gag order. No way to keep a democracy with sponsored media because it means that people expect to get information from people paid to lie to them about their own interests in order to commoditize the people themselves.
  5. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Cleantechnica is generally excellent because of Zach in particular but the guy most suspect of plant to sell the strategic lie has been Steve Hanley- favors wind over solar etc. and he now tries to say that the apparent bs suit where the employee of a competitor that sped a Tesla with a disabled transponder into a parked car at 80 miles an hour has a case. Was the plaintiff even in the car? Also says this recommends VW's standardization plan to take the competitive drive out of AV to slow it by at least decades because in radically reducing cars on the road AV is bad for fossil fuels. Worst kind of plant is the one that is there to sell the strategic lie to the public on the public interest. Makes about as much sense as GMs EV plan for America where it gets to opt out if it can help scuttle EV battery tech the way it did the EV1.
  6. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Debord is back to his nonsense

    He says high Tesla sales in 5 years consistent with Woods's projection isnt realistic because it entails ICE makers converting old factories or building new ones. This is deceptive on Debord's part because it doesn't include the possibility of ICE makers folding and how unrealistic ICE AVs are in a TAAS context. Clue to Debord: ICE finance will get worse in a way that brings their fossil fuel subsidy and structural bankruptcy and state bailout history into context.

    Debord asserts that GM is better at self driving than Tesla. Ah no- no one that can think accepts that GM is better at self driving. Debord also asserts it is unlikely that Tesla is a AV competitor or likely to become one but asserts that GM is already and is foregone to be a survivor in the sector. Tesla is the only AV competitor that is out of the lab with mass customer experience.

    Debord then shows chart from gm/ford PR from 2016 to make market cap sales comparisons to Tesla. He doesn't want to use new ones because Tesla's sales are way up and its market cap is more than double Ford's and higher than GM's by 15% recently.

    Debord tries to assert that it would be Tesla not Ford that would fail in a recession. Incredibly tries to assert that Tesla has no experience riding out a down turn. It may be that Tesla was a niche maker in the 07 Bush down turn but a downturn was part of its formative experience. Debord then tries to assert that Tesla has existed in a paradise of non opposition while trying to scale since 2014- but of course Debord himself has too often been part of the anti Tesla propaganda himself.

    Article should have been titled: 5 mistakes Tesla 'supporters' surely aren't making but that petrarchy would prefer them to believe they are. Notice there are no Ford supporters because the notion of a cult supposes that petrarchy isn't one and doesn't need them- just needs paid shills.

    Reminds of when the captured media tries to get Musk to admit and focus on mistakes supposedly made by himself and Tesla. Cara Swiser tried that but Musk reversed it. But typical captured (sponsored) media is: oh you just won the heavy weight title well we don't like that so tell us about all the mistakes you made- tell us why you were a stupid dunce in the ring and tell us how you will self gag yourself and convince us you aren't worth listening to. Tell us you will stop using Twitter because it bypasses sponsor control and devalues the censorship the sponsor class pays for. Part of the attack on net neutrality (actual free speech) is surely motivated by the sponsor class of rent seekers terror over losing the rent seeking, citizen self flogging, job creator, trickle down narrative.

    One more assertion Debord tried to make was that Musk has proven good in a jam but that he won't be able to save Tesla from similar situations as Tesla attempts to scale. Really, so the experience he's had would be less useful than the sit on their arses and tell tales kind of experience of say the GM or VW heads? Being willing to sleep under the tables says everything to me. There is a big difference between someone trying to save the world and someone trying to make more needless expropriation for a bunch of rent seekers.

    The good thing is the bs narrative seems to be coming to nothing at the moment. If Panasonic is coming under pressure as a bottleneck that's a bit worrying, primary supplier as bottleneck?
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  8. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I almost feel stupider having read that piece but it may be clue to what we can expect from skeptics:
    • The electric-vehicle market will see massive growth in the next decade, and Tesla will dominate.
    • Teslas will be able to drive themselves.
    • Tesla is the next Apple.
    • Elon Musk can run Tesla like he's a one-man army.
    • Tesla could still fail.
    Since I have no expectation of a dialog with the author, no need to waste time.

    Bob Wilson
  9. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Still like the idea of a pravda thread- hope people contribute.

    So here is more:

    Forbe's Chris Taggert is trying to suggest a Tesla chair- like Marry Barra or Pam Fletcher or Nikki Haely, Allan Mullaley, or someone from Intel. Even suggested Tim Cook who is a roll over for share holders kind of guy- so that won't work. So desperately trying to assert petrol shills in general to scuttle Tesla.

    Also Taggert asserted GM beat Telsa to the punch with a mass market EV with Bolt but is compliance level sales so no! Model 3 is first mass market. Resident apparent shill S. Loveday did model 3 put down article today- place the all important strategic lie?

    Here is Anton Wahlman lying his arse off as ususal trying to deflect on petrol subsidies about 1.25 trillion a year in direct state subsidies in the US alone- bailing out this perpetually failing industry is why the fed budget is ballooning while services drop and all financial products are charging more and more and less and less its fossil fuel powered austerity and its intentional one colossal fraud:
  10. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Good article on Cleantechnica where Zach wonders about the stick too it nature of the shorts. Zach it may be a good guess that all that short money rarely moves because it is fossil fuel money or rather pure public subsidy money and it is there to manipulate the stock price hence the criminality and idiocy of the SEC actions. They probably try to rationalize it as preventing the next fossil fuel based collapse but they are complicit with these economic terrorists when they should be figuring out how to make them absorb the losses of the fall in a controlled demolition.

    semi non sequitur:

    Christopher Hitchens: people act fossil fuel don't matter

    That is a paraphrase and he actually referenced oil but the meaning is the same. He had put his finger on something but had also been made into an apparent shill for the Bush Admin's terrorism.

    But he had stumbled upon something basic and very telling. Even 20 years ago, even 50 years ago aside from its hostage taking and ransoming and being an austerity driver to push economic slavery it had lost all necessity. But now its like candles vs cheap light bulbs or autos vs buggy makers. It would be like RIM trying to keep iphone down by extra curriculars. Like telcos against the internet.
  11. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    SUV excuse for BMW to try to hide its actual sales situation: CNBC is trying to say Hyundai fell because of focus on cars not SUVs. This is likely what BMW is paying them to say. BMW did not have the increase in SUVs it claims and it doesn't even sell trucks. And we know globally the US emissions foot print scam didn't spread (remember whether it be long tail pipe scams like Ionity or hydrogen FCV or BMW/VW lying about diesel emissions or BMW-VW-MB lying about their EV intent or readiness or lies about what are actually fossil fuel bail out wars or fossil fuel bailout tariffs or fossil fuel subsidies e.g. secret energy policy or BMW lying about its sales or BMW lying about the reason its profits are down or BMW lying about its cars catching on fire or the lies about how clean greens cars are or lies about how clean NG is or about the possibility of clean coal its all lies because fossil fuels simply are not economically competitive never will be again are completely stranded and are about creating economic enslavement and are the biggest fraud in history and hence pravda because you need a captured media to lie and drown out and you need gag orders and censorship and rigged elections to keep that bs going you even need a captured legislature (enabled by captured sponsored media) and finanicial hostage taking and fear mongering and terrorism. This is where I am hoping that AI driven honest open search will cut through all the BS with truth matching- but in the mean time: PRAVDA!

    So back to BMW Its numbers have been going down at its core top end for the better part of a decade because of the Tesla S (a car- not a suv or any of bs- ever see a BMW truck?) Despite BMW's bs BMW's X isn't selling that well (obvious in CA) but it started lying about its numbers a couple of years. Can you see another reason aside from SEXY for the Tesla X being called the "X" and let me tell you to me its the BMW X series that have the weird mobile look going on- going after a couple garish Infinity mistakes

    But bottom line is BMW is getting crushed by Tesla but it is trying to hide this with the bribe based media. It is in serious trouble for lying to the public and betraying it over diesel and its subsidized fossil fuel profits and now it is refusing to pay when VW is having to pay- but trying to refuse to pay the final 20% of retrofit- presumably that takes them into the red on there pure subsidy black.

    But look how pathetic BMW is, it is trying to refuse to pay on its diesel emissions scam while its key tech person trys to insist unsubsidized electric will never be cheaper than massively subsidized fossil fuel and not account for more than 15% by 2030 of sales- its lies on EVs are greater than its lies on diesel- where is the German SEC because its pulling an Exxon in broad daylight..

    Its not just as Ross showed that every Tesla means 4 ICE cars don't get sold, it will soon be 10 that don't get sold under Seba's AV predictions.

    Hilarious that Model 3 Performance is now the fastest sedan on the planet at the race track (curves,) per Motor Trend

    a rank equal to 43rd spot out of 156 record times at Laguna Seca where no BMW M3 ever got below rank 96 and where the new one looks like a Toyota Mirai with a bunch of encrustment meant to hobble weight and impede sales. This is another Musk promise delivered. Keep in mind rank one is held by a one seat pro race car. And keep in mind that it bear a Ferrari Italia 458 2 door sports car when the Model 3 weights 1000 lbs more and the Ferrari gets 12 city and 18 highway. There is some BS about trying to tie its lap speed to the 2016 Porsche Caymen GT4- pure BS its way slower than the Italia and a second slower 0-60 than the Model 3, Model 3 is way beyond a GT4. Model 3 is more in the range of the 2013 911 Turbo S. What is happening here is the GT4 is 1 car ahead of the fastest BMW record at Laguna Seca so more paid for BMW BS but that is way behind an Italia. They seem to be referencing a different track but it Pobst times at Laguna everyone will look to with these cars and they know it. They also wanted to say that Porche could provide equivalent raw track performance for the same price: when it can't.

    Tesla has made a 4 door sedan with more interior volume and the best safety that will out outperform a Ferrari Italia 458 at the race track, beat a top Corvette in a straight line and do it with 10x the efficiency of the Ferrari, do it silently with 10x the reliability and improve to the point of self driving and do this with no emissions and even be ready for Tesla network.

    But you have to know how the Alfa Guila came into this. When Motor Trend (most honest of the car review mags) first reviewed the Model 3 (pre review) one of its writers said the Alfa Guilia was like riding on jello in comparison. And before that Tesla had a Model X pulling a Alfa sports car on a trailer beating that same Alfa sports car at a drag race. So naturally when it came time to announce the Model 3 as the MT car of the year it announced the euro trash Alfa Guilia as car of the year which everyone recognized as a paid fossil fuel type co-option- black eye for MT. But the Guilia is the best performing euro trash sedan so this was a chance at redemption for MT.

    Now lets get to the BMW share price. You see every Tesla means at least 4 ICE cars lost in translation (talk about an environmental magnifier effect keep that sht in the ground) putting BMW in the rear view mirror on share value helps Tesla move forward on share price and mind share. Do you know what a share value of $420 really meant? It wasn't what the short seller exchange commission thought of 420 marijuanna cause my girl. It was the share value that made Tesla #2 in the world in valuation right behind Toyota and in front of VW. But the short enrichment commission, because BMW appears to be lying about its sales, wants to investigate the Tesla sales that are crushing BMWs market share and profit. Sound familiar- BMW does something wrong but accuses Tesla of doing it? Which do you think is imaginary- answer shows up in BMWs profits and the difference in what they claimed and what they reported and reality. How about the new headlines that show a Tesla employee indicted for trying to steal from the company- another saboteur(?) they just want the word embezzlement in the same line with Tesla to affect the trading platforms.
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  13. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Also VW has been spouting about a Bolt like econo box for about for 23K or less and it doing this because its become aware of Tesla's plan to drive the cost of the model 3 down to that range. But we've seen how econo boxes do against the model 3 against model 3 quality. It make sense for Tesla to do this because of safety and light batteries and aluma steel coming online along with solid state batteries and the relative trade offs.

    And lets keep in mind the ones that want to censor Musk are the petrol perps and anti speech defacto censorship based speech enclosure based sponsor captured media that gets paid to censor the public interest and candidates. The most intolerable of all things is this lie based propaganda industry that rigs elections for rent seekers and rent seeking is made rich by elections when it should be carrying elections for free should as a condition of retaining a charter just as it used to be. The bribery paid-lie media must be done away with through new enclosure breaking tech like twitter. Sponsorship is pure evil, theft of attention sponsorship is the theft of all your rights in short order.
  14. Jimmy Truong

    Jimmy Truong Member

    Bottom line: after driving Tesla Model 3 for 4 months, I don’t see BMW 2/3/4 series, Mercedes C class, Audi A3/4/5 can survive any longer. I am a long term BMW owner and I really can’t see how BMW is able to sell the 3 series from $35k-$50k. While the long-range Model 3 is kicking *** BMW 340 now, the $35k Tesla will wipe out BMW 320/330 eventually. Lives of gasoline cars priced from $30k-$50k will soon vanish because of Tesla Model 3. Mark my words for it! Btw, $40k+ Bolt and BMW i3 look like kid’s toy next to Tesla Model 3.

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  15. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Its been a little quite on the Tesla FUD front but Trump has been trying to suggest that the CA wild fires have nothing to do with climate change.

    In that spirit lets consider the following:

    Price controls for fossil fuels as part of their controlled demolition.

    Price controls have worked- they worked in the CA auto insurance market. They were part of the scam vice single payer behind the ACA, but here there use is more purposeful. Here they would be used as an element in controlled demolition. Only 2 fossil fuel companies are complying with Paris- leave them off.

    For the others according to the sequence below apply price caps, quickly tapering subsidies and increasing taxes to drive them into bankruptcy- this is forced retirement and euthanasia. Don't be quiet about this. Start with the largest oil company Exxon and the largest NG company and the largest coal company and the largest of each the corresponding utilities- 6 companies at a time in US- setting global precedent. Drive it into bankruptcy on a controlled schedule (as a fossil fuel company it had no profit future anyway.) While its in bankruptcy- receivership (defacto nationalization) begin to liquidate its assets 20% per year. Have special welfare and retraining on hand as part of the "freedom compliance act," to save ordinary people from fossil fuel fraud.

    Crucially release financial firms from the terms of derivatives contracts pertaining to the companies- force transparency on the contracts pertaining to these companies to indemnify the those insuring their bad debts on all their failed fossil fuel assets.

    As you liquidate the assets and decommission the plants, work with local governments to ensure that contracts are filled by green companies (no fossil fuel ties down to the board members) and true green energy products (not fossil fuel scams like hydrogen) like battery backed roof to solar (first,) the solar, wind, zero point, hydro, geo...

    Bar any form of reparation claim on behalf of fossil fuel interests or fossil fuel share holders, make it clear these companies owed a massive debt by declassifying energy policy and educating the public on the lost opportunities, externality costs and losses to public services and infrastructure and damage to the financial sector and how this industry has hit quality of life and standard of living with passing on its massive ever increasing but hidden losses to everyone.

    Bar pension funds from continued fossil fuel investment drive full divestment within 7 years through a transparency requirement and taxation equal to the asset share per year where it doesn't happen. They should be divesting 1.5% of there petrol holdings per month or pay taxes equivalent to the value of those assets at tax time- and its divest of every kind of holding having to do with fossil fuels.

    Call this procedure freedom compliance.

    Freeing the public from tyranny.
  16. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    There are a billion ice vehicles in the ICE float that will need to be replaced by EVs over the next 10-12 years includes most off of it. The replacement a few years in will fly into the face of the expected 10x reduction in vehicles needed. Even before the AEV with just EVs Model 3 is pushing a 4x reduction right now with 4 ICE vehical purchases on indefinite hold for every Model 3 sold. Out at about 12 years 5 million vehicles a year might be 50% of the market if not for developing economies.

    Presumably those VW battery contracts have at most a 10 year life- but behind the scenes Diess and VW ars probably saying at most 50 million vehicles over 30 years or 1.66 million a year as a compliance gesture with business as usual. Their plan appears to sell a bunch of Bolts against Tesla Network enabled Model 3s and Ys. VW needs to show a credible long term road map and at least 5 years of following it as Tesla has done.
    They have nothing so far. Diess knows Tesla is about to put VW Group in the rearview mirror so he is talking smack the way Mary Barra did as GM was getting put in the rear view mirror

    Inside EVs did a shill piece attempting to show a Dodge Ram beating a Tesla P100D at the track straight line. Also claiming that the Hellcat motor was put in the truck and it was enough to pull this off. So they are claiming that an engine that couldn't do it in a lighter less aerodynamically friction-lined vehicle would be able to do it in this truck because the Hellcat we somehow traction limited. Hellcat had funny car slicks on it and still couldn't do it. Carrying this kind of junk discredits the mag- why the the shill authors and pieces needed? Why take bribes?
  17. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Today FUD media is trying to insist Musk isn't doing enough claiming he hasn't visited the Tesla Forum on the Tesla Website in 3 years and that he hasn't ever visited the Buffalo site. Also as usual trying to say he should be punished and censored. And now trying to put forward that Colorado Gov should be punished for accelerating Colorado's clean air effort.

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