Pour one out for the C-Max Energi

Discussion in 'Ford' started by WadeTyhon, Nov 10, 2017.

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  1. WadeTyhon

    WadeTyhon Well-Known Member

    According to Green Car Reports, the standard C-Max hybrid will continue to be produced until next summer.

    But the Energi has been unceremoniously killed. Despite the fact that nearly 50% of all C-Max’s sold were the plug-in variant. That will basically cut Ford plug-in sales in half next year.


    "Ford C-Max Energi production has ended," Dan Jones, Ford's North America Car Communications Manager, told Green Car Reports.
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  3. Seems like not too many tears are being shed.

    "It's dead, Jim." ;)
  4. PHEVfan

    PHEVfan New Member

    Here's just hoping they replace it with the new "model E" or something better than the C-Max.
    Also hoping the Fusion Energi isn't in danger as it uses the same power plant, which means the total production volume just dropped by half. Hard to justify keeping a manufacturing line going if you're only making half as many as you did before...
  5. Was thinking buyers might opt for the Ford Fusion Energi, but the November numbers haven't shown much change.
  6. David Cantu

    David Cantu New Member

    Hello. I am new to the this forum and to the EV world. I had not paid any attention to new cars ever since I purchased our Explorer way back in 2000. I loath the new car purchasing experience at the dealers. My Explorer died so I started truly looking in November 2018. I discovered the C Max. I never heard of them before. I stumbled upon one at a used car lot. My local Ford dealer did not have any new ones. They mostly sell trucks. I checked online and discovered the C Max Energi. After a bit or research, I purchased a used 2017 on Carvana. Impressive buying experience and an impressive vehicle. I cannot see why Americans did not truly check out the C Max Energi. The professional reviewers seem to be stuck on the Prius specs however one did mention that the C Max was a fun car to drive. The C Max is more comfortable and more quiet than the Prius my brother has. Bigger engine. Better acceleration. I am getting an average of 50 mpg. I have gotten 20 electric miles when it predicted I had only 14 miles. ( I drove very efficiently ). Its a great commuter car. I can pack as many grocery bags in it as the plain hybrid version. I was so impressed, I bought a second used 2017 C Max Energi for my daughter. I cannot see why Ford did not market the C Max energi better. It is sad to see a great American made plug in hybrid phased out. Perhaps the upcoming Model E is a true reality and will be better than the C Max energi. I have asked myself this question though. Would I have purchased a new C Max Energi for $27,000 plus or a 1 year old 16k mile used C Max Energi for $16,500? If any automaker wants to successfully cell electric vehicles, they better hope and pray that the government continues the $7000 tax break to offset sticker shock.
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  8. DAADK

    DAADK New Member

    what charge is everybody getting---how many Kms---my 2016, purchased from dealer in 2017 started with low to middle 30s---now getting 25 and under when plugged in overnite--115 V charger.

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