Post pics of your Kona..

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by FloridaSun, Jul 23, 2019.

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  1. Stéphane Vallée

    Stéphane Vallée New Member

    No just want to be apart i am in Quebec

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  3. Surlycat

    Surlycat New Member

    Here's my 2022 Kona Limited in "Cactus Fern" - looks greenish/bluish grey depending on the light. I'm calling it blue seagrass as I prefer ocean to desert. Loving it!
    IMG_3072.JPG IMG_3076.JPG IMG_3077.JPG

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  4. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    Fast Wheels look good, why can't OEM figure out offering "nicer"options:rolleyes: I like the black rims,use the silver colored ones for winter . Went to the FAST site, they have a few options for EVs.I prefer the open wheel look,mine haven't negatively impacted my range.Martian Wheels are the lightest still I think.
  5. NSKonaEV

    NSKonaEV New Member


    Haven't seen much of night time image of Kona EV so here's mine ... 20210807_040956.jpg 20210807_041023.jpg
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  7. NSKonaEV

    NSKonaEV New Member

    The only draw back of that dimple pattern front is the bug but it does get cleaned easily. I live in rural area and it collects fair amount of bugs but rain does the job for 90% of the bugs. My ICE car were the worst to collect those bugs.
  8. Kona009

    Kona009 New Member

  9. Ed V

    Ed V New Member

    I have the Ultimate. It has the best adaptive cruise of any car I’ve owned. Of course it works best on straight line highway. Curves can throw it off.
  10. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    My adaptive cruise works great in corners. Lane Keeping, depending on speed and angle of curve, not so much...and for the record , I've never had a phantom braking issue either
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  12. kalel681

    kalel681 New Member

    First Post here. Hello Everybody. Here's my 1 Month old 2022 Kona Electric Ultimate. Pre detail and Post Detail.

    Attached Files:

  13. Now that's BLUE. Nice to see a nice, bright colour. Tired of ambiguous shades if grey-ish.
  14. Lorenzo

    Lorenzo New Member

    My 2021 Ultimate... I named her Joules ;)
  15. Answered one question I was not sure of, that if the yellow indicator light was included in the 22 Hyundai symbol, and it is. Thanks for the photos, good choice of color.
  16. I'm pleased to see that we have the blue available here as well, considering we had missed some of the nicer colours available elsewhere on the earlier model. But the VESS switch is gone. We never get sunroofs either because kiwis still carry the 1970s British-car mindset that they leak.

    NZ$88k out the door, not cheap though, but the top model. The Model 3 SR+ is now only NZ$58k out the door because of a new subsidy on EVs under 80k. Hyundai has re-introduced the 39kW Kona to take advantage.

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  17. kalel681

    kalel681 New Member

    Thanks. I love it. Her name is Cortana. Had the emblems/lettering/chrome bumper accents changed to black by my detailer. Also makes the 12v battery light stick out a bit more.
  18. Is Hyundai is letting go of the NZ market? Someone on the marketing team dozed off on this one.
    I am aware of the increased price in NZ, and the $80K subsidy cap seems like a really fair idea, hope you are able to take advantage:)
  19. Perhaps one day. The subsidy is just 2 months old, $8,625 off on any newly-registered EV under $80k as long as you keep it for at least 3 months. No other strings attached ... it's not a tax credit like in the US. Even better, starting 2022 the funding will come from higher taxes on ICE sales.

    All hybrid and EV importers are revamping their offerings to take advantage. But there are not that many BEVs available under that $80k here; Mercedes for example just introduced their EQA which is a very-competitive $85,500, just under both the top end Kona and a minimal configuration of the Ioniq 5.

    As awesome as the Ioniq 5 looks from the outside, the inside is less appealing.
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  20. Bill W.

    Bill W. New Member

    This is my new 2022 Kona. It is the preferred model in Jungle Mist. Looks grey in the shade, green with metal flake in the sunlight. Very nice.
    It lives in British Columbia, the middle of the mountains. That was my biggest much range would be lost going over a mountain pass. My first road trip dispelled that concern. Going over one way I lost 20 kms .... coming back it lost none! great regen on this. I have no more worries about the geography for this car. Also, it has the best, hands down, adaptive cruise control I have ever encountered. Going up mountain passes there are no annoying downshifts and coming down it applies the regen to keep position. Very well implemented.
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  21. 20210919_145741.jpg

    My April 2021 Kona in Dark Knight with Phantom Black roof.
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  22. So is the face-lifted Kona EV officially a 2021 model in Australia and elsewhere? It's 2022 in North America.

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