Possibly Debord's most embarrasing shill article yet.

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Mar 8, 2018.

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    Remember the petrol industry starts to panic when Tesla's market cap goes above GM's
    because that highlights more than anything else that the stock market thinks (funny- since its pretty rigged) that petrol's days will come to an end sooner rather than later- that suppresses all the petrol stock prices as it should.

    Remember also that the petrol industry is trying to convince the public that Tesla is incompetent and bumbling and destined to fail- its projecting because that is definitely what the petrol industry is.

    Another thing the petrol industry can't have is Musk getting paid with the support of Tesla share holders 10x more than any other CEO and more than all the welfare shill CEO's at the petrol firms or their retailers which include the obsolete ICE makers. There is Bezos on pay of course- but Musk has the more aggressive plan of action by far it seems- unless Bezos has some twisted AI scheme he will push.

    So lets consider Debord's latest round of BS but while doing it let us not forget that its almost impossible to find intelligent critics of Tesla at this point given that it is an organization laser focused on constructively trying to save the lives of any would be critic and its opponents appear evil or useless or worse, so at this point intelligent critics are Tesla are almost impossible to find and Debord is no exception.

    Debord asserts that no one is against Tesla and Tesla isn't on some hero's journey and Tesla's alleged problems are all of its own making. This argument comes from the pure moron level of paid for delusion. In the process he also tries to assert that GM is profitable vice being a backward welfare case where its profits are nothing more than disguised transfer payments- see Forbes recent article that cover's GM and Ford's structural bankruptcy and read between the lines on their profit. See Ryan Zinke
    pro gas and oil shill thinks wind energy is causing global warming (is a physical argument but converse turns out to be more accurate)- don't pick winners but pick the proven loser petrol

    1. Debord says the auto industry and by extension other industry players aren't against Tesla its just friendly competition. Well, the retail outlets of petrol are in part the various ICE makers. Note GM only made the compliance number of Bolts because its Barra's mission to fail convincingly but also keep in mind that if Musk succeeds the whole petrol fuel/energy industry will go permanently bankrupt unless they can transition to green and petrol's attitude on that is: never. Look at the history of that industry and what it willing to do to protect its transfer payments.

    2. Debord says unions aren't against Tesla. Well the petrol focused UAW surely is. What will happen to it in this year of union targeting if Tesla sets an example by needing fewer employees in its plants than Intel needs in its most automated plants? UAW will quickly be bankrupt and that will be in part because Tesla will bankrupt welfare transfer payment dependent cases GM and Ford - to be fair its hard or impossible to find a corporate that isn't a transfer payment case- Tesla would be close because at least its a constructive vice parasitic but in the case of GM and Ford these are the most parasitic of corporates because they are part of the petrol scam. These companies try to profit from dragging their feet on climate change while pretending not to- their charters need to be revoked- hilarious when GM's Bolt charade started to be outsold it bitterly announced it would make more than the compliance number- but notice what it was doing prior- no change from Wagoner where GM blamed its union for its bankruptcy.

    3. Debord says Auto dealers are not against Tesla. Tesla sells what amounts to solid state cars. Tesla is the Amazon of car makers to these dealers Walmarts, and none of these dealers were ever even remotely as good as radically subsidized Walmart. Tesla is eliminating their unnecessary business model, they provide no value added at this point but ad huge unnecessary cost. He is showing a very compelling example of ending their scam. But according to Debord they do not oppose Tesla despite the constant court cases they push against Tesla and their likely buying off his own magazine with sponsorship bribery.

    4. Debord says Musk should not get the compensation deal or strongly implies this. Essentially again they can't paint Tesla as incompetent if Musk is lionized, which the compensation deal will do. It will also has a chance of making Musk he richest man on paper (Bezos again- but he could go backwards.) But its way too damn late to block the lionization e.g. global CEOs were polled and by a landslide CEOs globally voted Musk to the top spot most admired CEO of all CEO's more than Jobs and Bezos combined. And we know what Musk will do with the money it will be purely constructive. Look at his competition- are people like Barra supposed to be considered his peers? They are not. The way its structured does give him more control but that's not's a dilution that's a purification making it harder have petrol manipulate a board etc. Also its structured honestly so he gets nothing if Tesla doesn't perform. To get any more honest it would have to be what Job's did with working for free because he had no money hook in him. Musk will be working for free unless he delivers- no win for him if there is no win for the people vested in the brand.

    Ad industry doesn't like Tesla either because its fundamentally honest and doesn't use sponsorship or use ad brainwashing to try to delude people into purchases or good will- it doesn't fund their BS brand management and still wins- that is bad for media capture as it tells other firms they can form a relationship without paying the censorship liar community and without funding the media capture sponsorship net that makes lobbying (bribery to undermine the public good) possible.

    Debord tries to create the impression of balance so he can come through for his shill handlers when they need to push the lie. I think business insider should drop him or disenfranchise. Old game of tell some accurate stories so you can lull people into accepting the lie.
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