Porsche/VW group's new attempts to mislead over charging.

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Mar 24, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Read between the lines on what Porsche is saying about charging. Its beyond ridiculous. Its saying it will make a profit from the start but it will charge prices equivalent to gasoline prices. Its actually beyond outrageous.

    1. Gasoline isn't profitable, never has been and certainly isn't with petrol subsidized to 150%.

    2. With the amount of subsidy present the gas price isn't reasonable even if its just to do things like address deflation through a kind of tax imposition that also props up petrol- its not like gas is priced competitively. This this is like the fantastic line of BS that comes from the petrol people trying to say cheap gas matters from a competitive stand point against electrics (it doesn't not even remotely)- or interpreted that petrol isn't helpless beyond belief and that its not a total unjustified (for at least 50 years now) pure welfare case without a right to exist where its persistence is crime.

    3. Porsche customers situated as they are generally don't have any issue with gas prices but its not like they aren't also more aware about financial issues considering the higher SES. If the Tesla which may charge little as 1/7 as much at the charger means in terms of their use of the vehicle the difference between what they would have purchased and the next rung or two up the vehicle ladder it means Porsche will lose even sales and its already saying with the Mission E for instance its not trying to compete- in part because it won't a have a competitive offering because its so far behind on the tech- even when Tesla gave away much of it.

    4. This is Porsche showing especially after its useless purchase by the VW group that its just a petrol shill or front, that its nothing more than marketing tripe for petrol. Its like premium petrol retail consumption BS, its just a branding game. When Porsche continues to say such stupid things its the inescapable conclusion. Its not like they said we are going to use this built in margin advantage over gas, plus the draw of potentially slightly faster charging to build out their network as fast as possible. No, its not like they even have their own network they just have leased BS so they are faking it to begin with.

    5. When someone does a Tesla roof and a couple power walls they will charge for 3-7cents a kwh (and lower as time goes on)- and that will put a huge dent in Porche's BS. When it costs $3.00 to fill up a Tesla (dropping as time goes on with a Moore's law decrement) to go 330 miles verses a Porsche say a Cayene at 22 mpg combined at in the US say at say $3.19 a gallon or about $50 or 16x as much to go the equivalent distance that will hit them. So say $47 per tank at maybe 2.66 tanks a month across 7 years will amount to 10.5-$11000 in savings.

    Yep, more fail convincingly BS for VW. Funny thing is that for most people that invest in Tesla, even if Tesla were to somehow go under, will if Tesla still ultimately succeeds in its mission in pushing a quick enough transition- these investors will be more than compensated. the average investor will be many times over compensated on any losses even if they zero out on a Tesla investment. Think how much the POS W. admin cost the average American with all of its fraud, BS and malevolence and incompetence- most of it aimed at now essentially useless petrol (useless even then for 3 decades already prior it was already useless in real terms relative to better alternatives- yes even before viable solar/wind) I am pretty sure the W. Admin set most of us in the US back 400K-500K just in dollar terms but it also radically weakened the security of the US and the world. Nice if the W. Admin did something functional with missile defense, but that's about it.

    Real issue in the US is the law has to start addressing money based crime and criminality and has to start addressing non contributing or radically net negative right side toll road welfare barons that were paid off long ago for any actual or supposed contributions. I think up to now the USG thought in cost terms that it was cheaper cost wise to let them steal billions than to lock them up, but its time to reevaluate that especially since their new business is financial terror. Petrol fuel/energy is crime and it has to be recognized as such. Any money or so-called profit that is claimed from it going forward (hell even backwards) must be disgorged permanently and with prejudice.
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  3. Feed The Trees

    Feed The Trees Active Member

    I don't understand most of your posts and this one is no different. Either your way ahead of the curve or your way over the edge. I know which one I think is accurate.

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  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Lets hope its the latter, but just like anything else, take what's useful and toss the rest. I could be wrong about all of it. Hope I am very wrong about Porsche and VW group. But this is what their PR and rhetoric is looking like. If they don't want to look this way to people that care about the issue they need to do a better job with the PR and rhetoric and do a better job in general it seems as the scrutiny is heightened apparently for good reason.

    Some of what is in the media (including book media) that reaches the US about Germany is that Germany used its money to seed the solar revolution in China- so crucial for the world and for peace. And they were so radical with Solar even before battery storage that new state of the art natural gas plants in Germany could only run every few weeks. They were so aggressive that even before there was a better way to store for the intermittent input and even in their snowy climate, even with all this, NG companies were spinning off and divesting and leaving the petrol industry in Germany because they couldn't compete even with the massive subsidies. Germany was also doing the most aggressive roof top policies and push. They were really a driving force but then when a new US W. style ultra moron admin seems to arise in the US they change course.

    That admin is teetering it doesn't have the support of the people, the people recognize that it was the policies of this same group that caused the 07 crash. Americans' don't like the T. admin, they don't like the congress, they didn't vote for these fools but they didn't seem to have valid choices outside of few like Bernie- come on Cruz and Rubio... on the right so often it was people who probably shouldn't be walking around free let alone running for office. Millennials will soon be 75% of the US work force and they hate these clowns, they're are seen as rightly out of touch oppressor idiots. Look what is happening, in the US. Legalization of Marijuana to combat fundamentalism? This stuff flamed out the Vietnam War, it has a half life and it will cause defacto slow downs of production just as it does on the road, it will ease the pain of the transition to full automation and a full GAI but it will cause more camp fire kumbya's where the population starts thinking about global issues and starts fomenting activism, it drops the fear basis and erodes the power of the right. Legalization could have been a push from the left or another layer of anesthesia for stability but it will hit pharma and and the right's subsidized cash cows hard. But Trump comes along and pulls out of Paris like the moron admin did with Kyoto and and things appear to soften up in Germany? Not now!!!

    Seems the only reason Trump is in right now is he seemed to be slightly slower than the captured alternative (not Bernie) alternative on WWIII for an obsolete resource (petrol fuel/energy), now that he has caught up with that agenda why can't Germany go on with cutting the cord? Instead it is struggling to form stable governments if I have this right over further reductions in coal(?)- insane. Ridding the world of petrol fuel energy is the strongest force for peace to the point that its literally civil rights part II (in US) because petrarchy is literally a people as property model- not going to have WWIII to keep these people in power. Saw something where the BBC was claiming Corbyn's nationalizaton of services that should run at cost (as opposed to the welfare baron toll road privatization BS that happened in Cyprus) would be challenged as a human rights issue. Are you kidding... what a right to exploit and oppress and rip off- how about a right to life in prison. So I really hope that despite the rhetoric from the diesel gate contingent that the people are continuing to undermine this BS. If increasingly useless elites cannot find a contributory basis for their wealth and power then it needs to be relinquished- and petrol doesn't cut it.

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