Porsche Mission E

Discussion in 'Porsche Taycan' started by Rob Lay, Sep 29, 2017.

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  1. Rob Lay

    Rob Lay Administrator Staff Member

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  3. Guildenstern

    Guildenstern New Member

    It may not be as quick off the line as the Tesla P100D, but other aspects help it compete.

    It's got the Porsche badge, for starters, and a competitive starting price tag. Will be interesting to see how it holds up performance-wise at the track, and whether it will get thermal cutback after a few laps.
  4. Production version of the Mission E spotted!

    Now, I feel like they might have strayed just a bit too far from the concept. I mean, it looks fine, and opinions on appearance are inherently subjective, but does it look tons better than the Tesla Model S?


  5. Jack

    Jack Administrator

    Yes, I do not think Teslas look like anything special, very boring. This Porsche is very intriguing, tho it does look a little like a mustang from

    The coolest part of Tesla is the interior in my opinion
  6. Rob Lay

    Rob Lay Administrator Staff Member

    looks like a 4 door 640 to me, but I like the looks of 640, that's what Jennie had before the S. :)
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  8. Just pointed out on Twitter, so I thought I'd mention it here. What's up with the vestigial exhaust ports?

  9. Jack

    Jack Administrator

    Maybe they are taking notes from me and decided all cars look better with exhaust ;)
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  10. Upon further inspection, this is still some distance from production version. Looks like it's a Panamera with a different fascia and some camouflage on the C pillar and rear.

    Porsche Pana-Mission.jpg
  11. In this shot, you can even see some differences in the lower part of the fascia of the two mules.

    Porsche Fascia.jpg
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  13. Adrian

    Adrian New Member

    This is reason enough to get excited about EVs.
  14. Jennie

    Jennie Member

    The concept model looks awesome (as do most concepts). The production version is a bit boring to me. Minimally more exciting than the Model S. Front reminds me of a Ferrari 550 minus the head scoop.
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  15. DSK

    DSK New Member

    Even thought I think Porsche is a great brand (had one myself), in EV world, Tesla has a huge leg up by having so many Teslas on the road for so long. Imagine all the data that has been collected and perfected over time. EV cars (IMO) are like big software products, when perfected overtime, makes hard to compete from launch. Need time to catch up to best practices (which currently is Tesla's know-how).
    Porsche will really need to come out with something radical (closer to the shown prototype) with great stats to try to offset Tesla in market share. I think a modified e-Panamera with some styling updates won't do the trick. But definitely tracking this one and look forward to official stats releases
  16. According to Porsche’s Michael Steiner: “The Mission E is a new product line, and if you add a new product line that sits somewhere between the 911 and the Panamera, the potential to win additional customers is higher than if you add an additional drivetrain to an existing platform. A new product line always brings more customers to the brand.”

    It almost sounds like he's saying Mission E is similar to a sub-brand, but it could be he's referring to variants of the initial car.
  17. Porsche Mission E On The ‘Ring
    Fresh pics of the mule at Nürburgring, if you'll pardon my umlauts.
    Article mentions the concept could do a lap in eight minutes. (I'm assuming that's a paper guess) This wouldn't put it in the forefront of hardcore sportscars, but would be respectable enough. The fast stuff is getting below 7 minutes now.

    Interesting pic. Would like to know how these sensors work. I suppose they're measuring air flow/turbulence.

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  19. unlucky

    unlucky New Member


    Although the article says a year ahead of schedule it doesn't appear it is any different than was reported on insideevs previously. It is a bit more specific than some info, stating the car will be delivered to customers in 2019, not just introduced or manufacturing begun.

    I guess it's good the CEO feels comfortable confirming this information. Although do notice that Porsche's CEO said this in September, this article is simply a recap two months after he said it.

    Good news either way I guess. I expect we'll see it at auto shows in 2018 (Geneva, etc.) if it is to debut in 2019.
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  20. photonut

    photonut New Member

    I am officially on the waiting list for this vehicle.
    This will be my first electric car.
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  21. rosssr

    rosssr Member

    as usual the concept is a stunner, but what we might get is less so.....
    thats too bad.
    however, even the warmed over panamera body looks better than the tesla, has a performance heritage brand, and will attract the status conscious. left to be seen is how well it will function......
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  22. photonut

    photonut New Member

    couldn't agree more!

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