Porsche & BMW clear disadvantages

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jan 4, 2019.

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    Mark Kane did an excellent new interview https://insideevs.com/bmw-5th-generation-electric-drive-extremely-compact/ with the BMW electric VP. What I liked about this is Mark pushed him enough to see the ideology behind where the man was being made to come from.

    This man's English was quite polished and he didn't mince many words. Even little nuances like noting their battery process wouldn't be 100% powered by renewable energy was interesting. But what we see is BMW in pure commodity mode think to protect its actual reason for being and it isn't a real mission focus unless you consider money for the sake of money something other than distraction and parasitism. You see its clear BMW exists to enrich a class of parasites that are not necessarily all stock holders but they are leaches none the less. The extent to which BMW is an excuse-place-holder-poser firm just acting as a welfare gate for a bunch of none contributing self-appointed hereditary barons really came through. There was no way to be charitable and say that BMW was trying to protect sunk costs, no because everything was if and when in a far distant electric future, electrics did arrive they would have a foundation in place to be in a place where they could plausible quite possibly not go out of business in an utterly obvious and disgraceful way. So you have to ask yourself what kind of sht runs this company and what kind of promises are being made to these fools and by whom? Because Tesla is on top them now knocking them un conscious and they are acting like nothing is happening. This is a positively schizophrenic firm, run by a cancer. I feel sorry for this eloquent man that has to answer to such sht.

    To break this down to its barest elements Umar Haque in HBR talked about what happens even in sht capitalism when a typical rent seeker capitalist firm like BMW where it is all about trying to suck a government tit for indirect welfare (gov must create about 30% of the demand and these parasites try to milk it) or trying to impose a private tax in an all-the- market-will-bare type idiot monopolist mindset, when that type of firm meets an actual mission driven firm like Tesla it is outright destroyed because it is based on a fraud and nepotism self-similar BS. None of the effort in that type of firm works as intended, its like a ship with a bunch of holes punched in the hull constantly taking on water and running the bilges trying to run a race.

    Which brings us to Porsche. Now Porsche is actually VW and VW is the firm that did a clean coal scam with 'clean diesel' where their vehicles rooted around for a test condition and afterward started emitting 400x more gas than the vehicle buyer paid to have was advertised to have, while lying to the buyer saying it was cleaner. Note this company with zero remaining good will among intelligent people through its Porsche facade is saying that 50% of its Taycan deposit placers (are we to that point yet?) did not cannibalize its ICE sales and must be coming from Tesla owners. Lets get this straight, Porsche is working with Ionity in a long tail pipe scam (akin to FCVs) to make sure there is no real clean green for its cars and also trying to acculturate people to expect there will be no difference in the cost to power the car vice gasoline and hiding behind the idea that this scam will let it push charging stations faster- exactly the wrong model that preserves the fossil fuel subsidies false profit claims. Let us also be clear that %50 of its buyers are cannibalizing its gas lines and this is happening for a vehicle where it won't announce deposit numbers just like it won't announce how far beyond the originally intended compliance number of vehicles (20K) it intends to go but it is claiming it will go beyond it anyway. It has been thankfully talking about an all electric 911 which before it said it wouldn't do. But its been quite apparently paying sponsored CNBC to spout this rubbish about taking Tesla shares or maybe it doesn't even have to pay them for that? But just like with BMW Tesla is doing more than putting pressure on you, its been taking market share like crazy from you and you aren't about to reverse that, lucky if you could slow it. But guess what- the Model 3 is coming to the EU now and you have zero good will. The arrogance of these people is off the scale.

    Porsche has done a good marketing script "electric soul," and the concept vehicle and price looks good but get real with the public and your own employees, if you can't charge it at home off your own panels and batteries (free of criminal fossil fuel diversion fees) your product is a joke! Be real about where you're at in history, you're in about the same place you were after WWII, just another corporate criminal on parole if even that. No one who can think esteems your brand anymore. You you see a rich fool driving one of your gas guzzlers you think what an irresponsible idiot, surely has no judgment and that person having that expensive trinket is an abuse of the already very ugly power in money- the kind of sht that puts a whole class of parasites at real risk. Why don't your put your true colors VW logo on that Porsche and see how that goes. How many of your buyers really don't know VW is Porsche? How about putting the VW symbol in your Porsche dealer windows and on the paper work? Can't do that right- cause you have to hide who you are the way you lie about your products.

    Advice to both crap firms: fire your criminal upper management all of it(!!!) and start making a difference for the future of humanity. Atone! And while you're at it take Rhenish Capitalism to the next level and eject your useless share holders and replace them with full employee ownership- that will help with having an actual mission focus besides cheapen out built to fail money for the sake of money GM style product foisting which is where you've been headed for a long time now. Get the art and soul back into your firms and make stuff you can feel good about.

    Most laughable thing was BMW interview comment about extremely efficient ICE engines-clueless! Look at the aggregate efficiency of the full fossil fuel stack, its sub threshold garbage meant to induce scarcity and that is supposed to compete with stuff that is better than hot fusion and will soon be effectively free?
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