Poll: home charging, what do you use?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by BlueKonaEV, Jul 28, 2019.

What type of charging do you use at home?

  1. Level 1 charger

    5 vote(s)
  2. Level 2 wall mounted hard wired charger

    10 vote(s)
  3. Level 2 wall mounted plugged in charger

    13 vote(s)
  4. Level 2 portable plugged in charger

    7 vote(s)
  5. Other/I don't charge at home

    2 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Charging capability at work can be awesome provided it is managed properly (and fairly).
  2. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    It would also depend on if it's free.. I'm only paying 5 cents per kwh at night at home, so even if they only charge 10 cents per kwh at work, I would not charge there as it would be twice what I'm paying at home.. Work charging for me would only be worth it if it's free.. I was told that my company will install chargers on the top deck of the garage. Even if it's free, I'll likely not charge there in summer as the car will heat up to 150 degrees in the Florida sun... unless they will cover the spots somehow.
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  3. Bugblndr

    Bugblndr Member

    I'm having a NEMA 14-50 outdoor outlet installed on the outside wall behind my desk at work. Will bring my own Level 2 portable charger for now. Seems fair to me since I'm the only one with a BEV. Sold the plug based on our largest customer also driving a BEV.
  4. Ideally, they will cover it with solar carports, reducing your car's carbon footprint to virtually zero if you charged there.
  5. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    In the long run, operating the chargers with solar panels will save them $$$ and I believe that the Florida tax incentive for Solar Panel install also applies to businesses.. Florida pays you 30% of the cost of solar panels but I'm not sure if it applies to businesses or just to residential properties. Next year, they will lower the % to 27%... Friend of mine sent me this pic of a solar station near his office.. (not in Florida)
  6. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Every parking lot of any size needs solar panels. Keep cars cool(er) and generate electricity.


    I don't own a Kona Electric but I currently use the 110 volt plug that came with the car. Charges super-slow (set for 8 amps) but I don't put many miles on it so it hasn't been a problem.

    Still, I'm going to install a 220 outlet for it and probably get a Juicebox. Not only will that make for a much faster-charging option, but it also helps future-proof my garage and helps resale value/desirability.
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  7. 200 sunny days a year but almost as much snow as rain. I wonder how they keep it clear?
    BTW did you get your Spark EV ? must have missed something.
  8. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    I did! It's been a little over a week, but still getting used to it and learning more. I'll write up something pretty soon for InsideEVs. Maybe a couple posts -- one about the deciding/buying process and one for the "What Do I Drive Series."
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  9. Excellent , hope it fulfills your needs. Look forward to the posts!
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  10. styx66

    styx66 New Member

    I started with just using the Level 1 included with the car, but kept blowing breakers for no apparent reason. Running extension cords all around trying to find a lesser used circuit. Too much of a headache and my charge anxiety was building after I had dropped down under 50% for the first time. So, I ended up picking up a Bosch PowerMax 30A unit on ebay for $280, plus $65 for some 8 guage 3 wire romex, and a $10 40-amp breaker. Connected it all myself. Pumps 6.7kw into my baby - i only charge once or twice a week now. Knowing i can go from 0-100 in 10 hours as oppposed to 60ish, is a huge relief.
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  11. Last one of those had to use lugs on the terminal block as the #8 wire wouldn't fit. Other then that and the need for flexibility on the terminating end a pretty solid unit. Works great w/Kona.
  12. FlbrkMike

    FlbrkMike Member

    This is a 32 amp AeroVironment charger that I actually had installed for free as part of a "smart home" study that I'm participating in.

    Hard wired, with a 25 foot cable.

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  13. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    Nice!! Can't beat free.. Looks like a nice EVSE!!

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