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Discussion in 'Polestar 3' started by Domenick, Jun 7, 2022.

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  1. If you've been impatiently waiting for a glimpse of the undisguised Polestar 3, you're in luck. At least, you are if you're easily satisfied.

    Polestar has put out a video that makes the case the styling for the Polestar 3 SUV derives from the Precept concept. In my mind, I relate Precept to the Polestar 5, but I guess we can see some shared design language here as well.

    Polestar were pretty stingy with what they shared here, but I guess that's the nature of a teaser shot. Most of the short video dwells on the Precept concept. At the 30-second mark, we're taken to the flipside of Precept and show the Polestar 3 from a few angles.

    The footage shows a tight crop of the rear three quarters and we can see it has very generous hips. Tight shot of the front "Thor's hammer" headlight design. Finally, there's a shot of the rear, but in the darkened environment, we can really only see the taillight signature, which is very strong.

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  3. The Polestar 3 has now been given a bit of a tease. In a press release featuring a picture capturing the Polestar 2,3,4, & 5 (the 4 is still covered) we get to see the back of the Polestar 3. I've cropped it out of the main pic so we can have a better look.

    I'll include the entire pic as well, so you can compare body shapes and sizes.


    Polestar tease.jpg
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