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Discussion in 'Polestar 2' started by Domenick, Feb 7, 2018.

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  1. We don't yet know what it will look like -- chances are it will look very good when it debuts in 2019 -- but the all-electric Polestar 2 from Volvo now has a starting price: $49,000.

    The reporting says they hope to build 50,000 of the 2 annually, though it's too soon to say how much of that will be allotted to the US.

    In the article, it's being called a rival to the Model 3, but the spread in starting price seems a bit large. Maybe if the entry-level 2 has all-wheel-drive and/or similar range to the long-range 2 they will compete against each other somewhat.

    After the 2 is released, the next Polestar will be a “low and aerodynamic” SUV, imaginatively named 3.
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  3. jim

    jim Active Member

    Were going to a Volvo Green Magazine Launch party May 16th at Courtesy Volvo in Scottsdale Arizona. Our Phoenix Electric Auto Association supports all Electric vehicles and charging. We hope they have a demo Polestar but maybe only their Y8 Plugin Hybrids. We'll see very soon.
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  4. Feel free to share photos of what ever you happen to see. A Polestar would be awesome!
  5. jim

    jim Active Member

  6. jim

    jim Active Member

    I meant to type T8 which is their plug in hybrid I have seen. Our group prefers 100% electric and the new Volvo V40 is due out on 2019. It would be very cool if they had a test version at the launch party.
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  8. The first Polestar -- the Polestar 1 -- is a plug-in hybrid (and super expensive), but the next -- the Polestar 2 -- will be all-electric and more affordable. They still haven't released pics of the 2 yet. :(
  9. jim

    jim Active Member

    Our Electric Auto Association has been invited to a Green Living Magazine Courtesy Volvo EVent May 16th in Scottsdale. We don't even this the plug in hybrid T8 version is out yet let alone the new all electric version. Maybe they will surprise us by having a prototype there? We will find out very soon. Volvo says all their vehicles will have a plug on them by the end of 2019.
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